We have a leak!

What to do? What to do?

I say again for full dramatic effect – We have developed a leak!

Our leak :-(

Our leak :-(

Stupid temperamental UK weather!…  so much rain and such strong winds :-(

It looks like something has gone wrong with our roof.  The loft is all boarded up (the previous owners have turned all the eaves into cupboards and yes it is ideal for ease of storage but definitely not for access) so we cannot see a lot, as we are not able to get there.  There is a space to stick your head through and shine a torch, which we did and it looks dry … but obviously it is not!

Anyhow called our home emergency insurance number and after being on hold for 47 minutes the “lovely” man at the insurance brokers told me “Not to worry. We will get to you when we can…” Apparently due to the severe inclement weather there are several hundred people worse off than us, so we are not a high priority… but we have a leak and when it is raining it is dripping on my head…

We were told that bedroom ceiling is probably not going to collapse on our heads, so we have no need to worry. How silly is that! I have a leaking house, so of course I worry! Really some of this customer service people should go to some sensitivity training…

What a start to the New Year, hey?

I blame global warming for all these excessive weather changes, but who do we blame for global warming?!?

I am upset! One of the bedrooms is out of use and all we can do is sit and wait… or I guess we could just get a roofer and pay him X amount of hard earned £££… if we could, we would…

I hope the beginning to your new year goes much better!

Stay dry!

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20 responses to “We have a leak!

  1. Loti

    Oh no what a start to 2014 :( Hope you get sorted! x

  2. Dee

    Oh…I hope the leak is fixed soon. The weather has been real bad since so many days. And more harsh weather predicted for the weekend. Stay safe.

  3. OH NOOOOO!!!! I Hope you are able to get that fixed very very soon!

  4. How annoying. Climate change is responsible for a lot of horrible weather. We need your rain. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  5. Leaks are a pain my advise is to get it fixed asap before it causes more damage.

  6. I have a friend in England who has been saying how crazy the rain and wind has been there lately! Sorry about your bad luck! Hope everything improves!

  7. Hopefully it is not your roof, my son had the same thing just before christmas and it was a little bit of pointing high up the front of his house, the strong winds can blow the rain in anywhere. I hope you are soon sorted. :-)

  8. Yikes! I hope it gets fixed soon!

  9. Oh yuck! Hope you get it fixed before mold sets in. UGH

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