Ode to Bunk

Our Bunk

we have a huge dog, we call him Bunk 
61kg of furry, drooling hunk
proudly proclaiming himself a guard dog 
days of running & he sleeps like a log

twice a day with an evil eye
big yawn, stretches and a sigh
he takes up his station by his bowl
a mountain of food the wishful goal

everything eaten from chillies to beef
feeding him is easy without any grief
but should the food ever run out
we fear, we will no longer be about

Maybe Eaten By A Newfoundland, 2013

This poem won us 6 months supply of Vet’s Kitchen dog food from Zooplus Facebook competition.


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5 responses to “Ode to Bunk

  1. Love your blog! I have another one for you inspired by Bunk! (& we have a 105lb Irish Setter too! So he’s unmistakably enormous for his breed! LOL)

  2. Great! Don’t think I’d like to poop scoop after him eating beef and chillies! 😉

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