Winning World – February 2013 Summary

My Winnings February 2013

My Winnings February 2013

February came and went, leaving me with few more lovely winnings. It was a shorter month and we had company for over a week, so comping time was limited, even more than it usually is.

In total I received 26 wins/freebies/samples.

My best win from February was: £100 cash from the Aviva Facebook competition. It was decided with a tie-breaker – the topic: What would you spend this extra money on? I believe there were a total of 20 winners.

One day my lovely postman delivered to me a huge envelope. As I was not expecting anything of this size, it was a nice surprise. After digging into it I discovered a huge bundle of BizzyBee products – a selection of different types of rubber gloves, sponges, scrapers, cloths, all useful stuff – from Your Home Magazine. A very nice and much needed win. It will last me for a loooong time.

Looking back at February I know that you have to be in it, to win it. More you enter = more you win, but even with very limited time when you organize yourself to maximise it, you can still stay in the game and hopefully win what you wish for.

For all the compers out there – stay frosty and wait for your postman!

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