Ode – the result of B.O.G.O.F.

OdeOde, our second cat, is a result of a Buy One, Get One Free offer. We were not planning on getting 2 cats but… he come as a bonus with Mr. Ginger.

He was the smallest from the whole litter and no one wanted him. When we went to collect Mr. Ginger the owner asked us if we would agree to take a second cat for free. Ode was tiny, and so afraid of everyone and everything. At first we were not so sure if we want to have two cats but looking at his cute face, we decided to go for the special buy.

As a kitty Ode was very shy, he wouldn’t come out when strangers were in the house, he did not want to play, he hated cuddles and he almost moved out once we got Lilly. But as time was passing by, he changed. Now he is known as Mr. Evil Cat, he sits and stares at you, and you have no idea what goes on inside his mind. He is kind to others, humans and animals but you always have this feeling that he looks at you like you are beneath him or gonna die.

He is our “protector” against the local bird population. No bird is safe when Ode is around (even with two bells attached to his collar).

what you are looking at?

What you are looking at?

Ode is small, slim, quiet and very elegant. He moves with grace, slow and keeping his head high. He is always trying to look his best. There is no chance of seeing him in a weird position which would show his imperfections, not that he has any of course natch.

Sometimes it is really hard to believe that Ode and Mr. Ginger are brothers. They look different; they have a different body build and totally different personalities.

I think if cats were to rule the world Ode would be their leader. Using various intimidation techniques of which the evil stare is but one, he could rule the planet.

soon puny humans... soon

soon puny humans… soon

Few facts about Ode:

–          He leaves and enters the house via the front door and only the front door. When it is dinner time all you have to do is open the front door and he is in, very rarely you have to call him – he will come (in his own time ofc).

–          He likes watching a good movie every now and then. He will position himself on my lap, facing the telly and watch whatever is on from start to finish.

–          His fav place in the house is my office chair; when occupied he will sit on top of the backrest and observe what is happening on the PC monitor (I guess this is when he is learning about plotting on how to take over the planet)


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6 responses to “Ode – the result of B.O.G.O.F.

  1. Very cute account. Mr.Ode seems exactly opposite of everything Mr. Ginger is. That must be so much fun…a dog, two cats of different personality…you must have your hand full! 🙂

    • Actually it is fun… Most of the time all of my 4 legged friends – 2 cats and 2 dogs – just take care of themselves. They are all so different but somehow it works for them 😉

  2. Nessy San

    “He is kind to others, humans and animals but you always have this feeling that he looks at you like you are beneath him or gonna die.” – Ode , I can say, behaved better than our home cat Booboo ! Hahaha! But one thing for sure, Ode and Booboo are both adorable creatures. 😀 I like you Ode cos you protect your place from birds!

  3. Ode is awesome! He definitely has that superior air about him! Love his fluffy tail! 🙂

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