Who / What Am I? 21-06

Last week we had a lovely, yellow coloured picture, which for me was looking like a pineapple, but to tell you the truth it was a fish and to be exact a Koi Carp.

They come in many beautiful colours but this one is simply stunning – up close he/she really looks like they are  sprayed with gold; such a lovely specimen.

Who am I - full picture 14 06

Who Am I - cut out 14 06

This week picture is similar in colour but much fluffier… and no, it is not a new carpet.

Who Am I   21 06

Have a great weekend!

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4 responses to “Who / What Am I? 21-06

  1. The Koi was a hard one! Methinks the latest is the fur of a ginger tabby pussy cat.

  2. That Koi certainly is beautiful. Today’s pic, definitely a kitty. Yip, ginger kitty it is

  3. I think its a cat too!

  4. I like Koi carps – wish we had some. The next could be a kitty or a blankie LOL

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