Who / What Am I? 12-07

I hope you have all had a lovely Friday!

It is sunny and hot here for a change, just like it should be this time of year.

So last week’s shot… there were a few close guesses about my mystery picture.

It was in fact Mark’s lunch!

Taiko Vietnamese Prawn Crystal Roll, which can be purchase in Waitrose at the reasonable price of £3.50 🙂

Who Am I answer to 5 07

Mark assured me that it is well worth the money.


Now, it is time for this week shot.

Who Am I 12 07

Have fun! Don’t be shy with your guesses and enjoy the sun!



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9 responses to “Who / What Am I? 12-07

  1. What the heck is that??! Maybe an eye? Who has glowing orange eyes though… Hmmm. A dragons eye?

  2. A seed in papaya?? Or an orange eye with black pupil ?

  3. I can’t even begin to guess what that is!

  4. I’ve tried those rolls before, I liked them.
    As for todays guess, I rather stay out, all I can think are x rated things haha

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