Bags selection from Crew Clothing

Fashion Perks is running a fantastic competition in connection with Crew Clothing.

All you have to do, is to share your favourite selection of Crew Clothing products. There will be a total of 5 winners, and each person will receive a £50 Crew Clothing gift voucher.

I love the Crew Clothing products. They aren’t the cheapest out there but they are very stylish and high quality. Mark’s top which featured in my Vanish review is 3 years old (I think) and it still keeps its colour and shape. Money well spent.

When I first saw the Fashion Perks competition I thought to myself “How on earth will I pick only 3-5 items from their whole collection”. Then I made my decision… I will write about the product which I would get if I am lucky enough to win.

I currently use one of the Crew Clothing handbags, which you can read about on my What’s in your handbag? post. The handbag is a good few years old now but it is still looking good and it has many years of wear left. Despite this I would love to have a new Crew Clothing handbag.

So here it comes… my selection of favourite Crew Clothing products

Hope Satchel

Hope Satchel

Hope satchel  is currently on sale. It costs £65 (reduced from £135). It is The bag shape of the season. It comes in a beautiful chocolate colour and it is made from 100% real leather externally and 100% cotton inside. It features:

  • two front pockets
  • magnetic clasp closure
  • adjustable strap
  • navy lining
  • internal zip pocket

This would be my first choice for a new handbag.

Tess Bag

Tess Bag

Tess Bag is priced the same as the Hope Satchel, costing currently £65. It has:

  • zip top closure
  • large front pocket with magnetic clasp closure
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • silver metalwork
  • internal zip pocket

It is also made from 100% real leather and 100% cotton.

The Tess Bag strap is fully adjustable, so you can wear it easily across your body or over one shoulder. I like this feature, as it doesn’t limit your use of the bag.

Lottie Bag

Lottie Bag

Lottie Bag is the cheapest choice from my selection. Currently priced at £50, which is a £25 reduction from its original £75 price tag.

Lottie Bag is an across body type bag. It has a great size (width 30cm x height 24cm) to carry all your essentials.  It is also made from 100% real leather and 100% cotton.  It comes in a lovely tan brown colour. Features of the Lottie Bag:

  • across-body style
  • front buckle detailing
  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • navy lining
  • internal zip pocket
  • slip pocket at back
  • magnetic clasp closure

To be totally honest I really love all 3 of them. I think my first choice of the Hope Satchel is determined purely by the fact that I do not own a handbag in this shape… and I very much would love to.

What do you think about my choices?

Would you like to own one of these beautiful handbags?

 This post is my competition entry for Fashion Perks The Crew Clothing Competition


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3 responses to “Bags selection from Crew Clothing

  1. nataliejo210

    I love this article! I am new to blogging and it would mean so much if you could check out my newest post ! Followed btw xx

  2. Believe your clothing is an extension of your personality so you should express yourself through your wardrobe, don’t imitate or copy anyone else, don’t try to be anyone else, be new, be you.

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