Who / What Am I? 9-08

Happy Friday everyone!

So here we are again, new Friday and a new round of blank expressions as you try and work out this week’s picture…

First though let us have a look at last week’s picture…

answer to Who Am I 2 08 full shot

answer to Who am I  2 08

A tough one by all accounts as I only received a couple of guesses. It is a picture my sister took in somewhere in Indonesia. You could rent one of these giant inflated tyres and go for a white knuckle ride down the river. Unfortunately my sister was not that brave so I can’t tell you any tales of near death experiences.

Last week the theme seemed to be black so to balance all things out this week we are going white…

So Who / What Am I?

Who am I 9 08


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6 responses to “Who / What Am I? 9-08

  1. This one is difficult. Looks like water in it

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  3. I got the ‘inflatable’ part, anyway!
    Parts of this look very much like the backwash from the edge of a beach. The trouble is that other parts – don’t!

  4. Looks like my daddy’s dodgy paintwork BOL

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