eBay.co.uk – Zero insertion fees – 24-25-26 August

eBay banner

On Saturday 24 August 2013 until Monday 26 August 2013 (local UK time), eBay.co.uk registered Private Sellers (subject to the below mentioned seller restrictions) who list up to 100 listing(s) (with a starting price of £1 or more) in an eligible category using the Auction-style format on eBay.co.uk, will not pay an Insertion Fee per listing.

Feature fees will still apply. The number of listings eligible under this promotion is limited to a maximum of 100 listings for sellers without listing restrictions or less where seller restrictions apply.

Items listed using professional tools, such as (but not limited to), Turbo Lister and Selling Manager Pro, are excluded. Items will only be eligible for this promotion if they are listed with the Quick Sell or Advanced Sell (Sell Your Item) forms, the new Quick Listing Tool or the eBay iPhone, eBay iPad, eBay Android, eBay Blackberry and eBay Windows Phone applications.

To take part in this promotion, sellers must be registered as resident in the UK.

Source eBay.co.uk

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