Review – Yu! Healthy Snacks

Yu! logoMost of us when asked “Do you like fruit?” will answer “Yes, sure I do” and it will be the truth, but how often do we really eat them?

We buy a lot of fruit on a regular basis and eat it but as weird as it sounds we often forget about them and they just sit there in a huge fruit bowl or in the fridge… sad but true… sometimes you just don’t fancy an apple.

Yu! Healthy Snacks found a great way to bring fruit back into our lives in the way that might encourage us to eat more of them – they turned ordinary fruit into a healthy yet tasty snack. Mark often moans that the taste of something is inversely proportional to how healthy it is, a cream cake is divine but unhealthy, all bran taste like cardboard on its own but is healthy. Yu! seem to have cracked it and even Mark thinks they are good.

At this moment they offer a selection of:

  • Yu! Fruit & Yogurt – fruit pieces covered in yogurt
  • Yu! Jus Fruit – 100% delicious fruit pieces
  • Yu! Bar – fruit bars
  • Yu! Granola – granola clusters & fruits
Our Yu! Healthy Snacks selection

Our Yu! Healthy Snacks selection

We were sent a selection to try out and we loved them! Why?

First of all they taste great! They taste like concentrated fruit, tiny little morsels that explode with flavour when you bite one. The only downside we spotted was that they are very moreish and the packs can sometimes appear not big enough when you reach for “just one more”.

Secondly they are good for you – they are made with real fruits and real yogurt and they have no artificial colours so you can sit there all smug in the warm glow that you are treating your body like a temple.

 Third they come in small packs, which are perfect one person snack size – ideal to put into lunch boxes, handbag or even your pocket!

And did I mention that they taste great…

Yu! Fruit & Yogurt - raspberry pieces in yogurt coating

Yu! Fruit & Yogurt – raspberry pieces in yogurt coating

With different types of Yu! snacks and different flavours everyone can pick their favourite. My favourite so far is the raspberry pieces in yogurt coating – they have a perfect balance between sweet coating and fruit itself. Perfect if you need a quick energy boost.

Yu! Jus Fruit - fruit chews blueberry

Yu! Jus Fruit – fruit chews blueberry

Yu! Jus Fruit are great for all the fussy eaters out there, if one of the kids is putting up a roadblock in the search for enjoyable fruit consumption give them ago they may do the trick. They contain 100% real fruits and can be counted as 1 of your 5 a day (on the downside you have to eat the entire packet all to yourself with absolutely no sharing, life can be so hard at times)! We think it’s a great way to put some healthy food back into our diet!

* Product was provided by Yu! free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .


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12 responses to “Review – Yu! Healthy Snacks

  1. Never heard of this brand before but it looks great! Will def be checking it out! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I bet my older daughter would love the Yu! Jus Fruit bars! I haven’t heard of them yet, but I’ll be on the lookout. Thanks!

  3. Amber Mabry

    Yu! sounds yummy! I’ve been looking for a healthier snack for my kids!

  4. mellissa williams

    I’ve tried these and they are really tasty.

  5. Sarah

    I adore these I tried them once before and yum! Would definitely recommend them 🙂

    Life in a Break Down

  6. Melissa

    I disagree with them being very healthy. We had a pack of the strawberry pieces covered in yoghurt and looking at the packet and ingredients. They have a lot of added sugar, in fact the 25g pack had 18g of sugar – that’s 72%! also there are lots of other additives that while they may be ‘natural’ they are not healthy. Another marketing ploy I would say

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