Who / What Am I? 27-09

As you know my life kind of took its own course lately and I am still playing catch up…

I missed last Friday completely… I am sure it come and went I am just not so sure when…

I am back now… or at least trying my best… so normal service should be back on schedule from now on.

Two weeks ago we had our last Who / What Am I? picture…

A few of you were almost sure that it was an egg… in some sort of cooking process… sorry, wrong!

There was someone who came close to the answer.

It was Dimple. She said “Seeds of some fruit?” which is an almost correct answer.

The mystery picture was of a young jackfruit. See for yourself.

2013-08-22_12-59-31_992013-08-22_12-59-31_99 1

A few months ago we discover this fabulous Thai Wholesale place in a nearby village. When we walked into this place we had no idea what half of the products on the shelves in there are or even what you would do with them, even what they are called was hard to read! but we really liked the place and like to try new things… so we bought some of this weird and wonderful stuff to try and make something from it once we bring it home…and Mark had had time to research.

Anyway … now it is time for this week’s shot…

I hope it will be easier…

Who / What Am I?

WWAI 27 09


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15 responses to “Who / What Am I? 27-09

  1. Not that I have the vaguest idea what a jackfruit is …
    That reminds me of something. It would help if I could think WHAT!

  2. Holly Uhler

    thats a golf ball right there

  3. We have a more yellowish looking jackfruit here !! Anyway I guess what you posted for this week is a Golf Ball 🙂

    xx Chaicy – Style..A Pastiche!
    International Giveaway by Romwe! 3 More Days to go!

  4. I’ve never heard of a jackfruit before, but that definitely looks like a golf ball!

  5. OMG! Too tough for me ^_^ Im tad bad at guessing riddles 😦

  6. Yes, I think it’s golf ball there 😀

  7. Marika

    I’m for golf ball as well.

  8. a golf ball btw: they are yummy :o)

  9. This appears to be a golf ball

  10. To me it looks like a golf ball. Really interesting post about the Jackfruit though, have never heard of those before!

  11. Tiffany

    I’m guessing a golf ball.

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