Review – Made By Co-Ge Handmade Earrings

I am not a huge fan of costume jewellery in general but I do admit to a love of handmade items; jewellery included. There is something special about every handmade item, when made with care and precision they become unique pieces of art… at least for me.

This is what I received from Colette

This is what I received from Colette

I must say I was very surprised once I opened the envelope. I wasn’t expecting such lovely and well thought out packaging.  From the first moment you lay your eyes on the small parcel it makes you feel special, a fantastic way to treat someone you love or just treat yourself.

On closer inspection the earrings were perfect. No imperfections at all. Every detailed part is simply perfect.

On closer inspection the earrings were perfect.
No imperfections at all. Every detailed part is simply perfect.

I can understand that not all handmade items can be perfect but I like perfect! And earrings like this which will be worn as statement earrings should be flawless and they are. The fantastic quality of the materials and even greater execution of craftsmanship makes them a perfect gift for yourself or another.

As you can tell I really like my new earrings.

If you are wondering what other pieces Colette makes I have for your perusal a few examples.



If you like what you see you can keep in touch with Colette via her blog, where you can find even more lovely jewellery to choose from or via Facebook or Twitter and if you thinking about ordering something you can check her Etsy store or simply email Colette if you have a special request.

* Product was provided free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .


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11 responses to “Review – Made By Co-Ge Handmade Earrings

  1. They’re lovely! I really like the upside down pots, too. What a great idea.

  2. I like the color very much, it reminds me of the ocean :o) I’m a fan of etsy, you can find the best and unique things there.

  3. These earrings are lovely and the thing about wearing handmade jewellery is that you are unlikley to see anyone else wearing the same design and they make gifts like your earrings they ususaly come in lovely packaging.
    Your friend has some lovely pieces i shall have to take a look at here shop

  4. I love the rings and necklaces! I don’t wear big earrings even though I think they are cute.

  5. Oh these are so cute!! How lovely 🙂

    Helen X

  6. totally agree, there’s always something special about wearing handmade items. They are much better quality and you know they are unique x

  7. They are gorgeous! I love handmade items. I make and buy handmade regularly.

  8. I love the color, so beautiful ❤

  9. Jharcraft

    Handmade costume jewelry are always special in look, they look pretty different. I guess the reason behind it is that it is handmade, so they are very delicately made with care and taking lots of time; whereas machine made jewelry looks quite artificial, basically they are artificial.

    costume jewelry online

  10. Well, these are really very beautiful and amazing kind of crafts. These are looking amazing adding beauty to anyone. Craft items are always amazing to look at and these can enhance beauty of everything.

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