How to save a starving cat

So weak very very weak...

So weak …so very very weak…

Need BBQ before I expire from hunger

Need BBQ before I expire from hunger

Light it.... LIGHT IT NOW!

Light it…. LIGHT IT NOW!




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17 responses to “How to save a starving cat

  1. WHAT A CUTE CAT!! The first photo makes him look so sad though 😦 haha!

  2. I quite honestly laughed out loud when I got to the last picture! Thanks for sharing, have a fabulous day!

  3. awwww love it! Did a right loud giggle in the office!

  4. Begging for the BBQ… priceless!! Wishing you a wonderful week, and thank you so very much for your kind comment on our blog last week, it really meant a lot to us. XO

  5. hahaha is that your cat?? he’s so cute!!! I should do a comic strip for my cat too :p

  6. AHAHAHAHAHA! first of all, I love your blog in general…..everything and nothing…genius! and did you ever wonder that your cat just doesn’t want to be followed by paparazzi? maybe that’s why he was angry? ahahahahahaha…sorry my comment is really about nothing but then again it is everything 😉

  7. Cute cat!! I miss my cat so badly since I moved overseas. 😦
    Never get in the way of a hungry cat… hehe

  8. HAHA. This was cracking me up! Great pictures! ❤

  9. So cute!!! My bf loves cat the most. Gonna show him this!

  10. So cute! I am a dog lover, but I want to own a cat if it looks like Garfield. Yours look like one 🙂

    • It actually wasn’t easy to buy him… most ginger kittens around us were short-haired… but our patient paid off… we finally found just what we were looking for… and we got Ode for free 🙂

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