Infographic – Dog and Baby Safety


A good little common sense poster as seen on Barking Mad Dog Training School & Behavioural Centre Facebook page.



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4 responses to “Infographic – Dog and Baby Safety

  1. Could do with giving this to my sister in law…they have gone through more dogs than hot dinners, they drive the pet mad then get rid of it after a few weeks……and always blame it on the dog!! Should be banned from ever keeping them…drives me mad!!
    Popping over from the UKblogger FB page xxx

  2. I love these silly posters my son was in hospital for 3 months and the amount of silly posters we were shown similar to this, amusing to think that someone must do these actions in order for the poster to be made x

  3. What a great post! My husband and I were actually discussing how it would be to visit my sister one day who has a dog (and we have a baby)…

    xoxo, Eszter

  4. This is so informative. It’s little things like this that can save accidents from happening within Dog/Baby homes.

    Kate (UK Bloggers)

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