Who / What Am I? 18-10

Evening everyone!

Friday again… finally… that glorious time when shoes are kicked off, phones removed from their hooks, blinds and curtains shut, lights on low, music and maybe a tipple of choice. Deep breaths and the troubles of the week just melt away and you lovingly recollect that you have two whole days of relaxation in front of you…ahh a girl can dream…

So as the cold snap of reality now flows through me, and I realise that I have at least a dozen things to do before I collapse, I’m working tomorrow and it looks like left over’s for dinner, but still a girl can dream… So having wasted some more time boring you with my whimsical rants it’s time to cross one of the tasks from my “to do list”.

So first up, it is time for the answer to last week’s picture, which I am sure, gave you many sleepless nights 🙂

Well as it turns out it was indeed fabric, a whole big pile of fabric actually, but here see the full picture in all its glory.

who Am I answer to 11 10who am i 11 10 cut out

And so to tonight’s picture,

Who/What Am I?

Who What Am I 18 10 2013



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8 responses to “Who / What Am I? 18-10

  1. A dog? lol this is hard!



  2. Staci L.

    I’m guessing dog hair

  3. Looks like hair. Horse hair since it’s long.

  4. that’s the fur of someone…maybe a sheep?

  5. Oooh I think Fur, probably a fluffy doggy!

    Kate H (UK Bloggers)

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