How to take control of your damaged hair

There are 100s of different reasons why our hair is not in perfect condition.  Dry air, air conditioned rooms, too high temperature (especially if we use a blow drier or hair straighteners often), too many hair salon visit, too often a change of colour, too tight hair bands, going to sleep with wet hair, etc etc… The list can go on and on… If you hair is starting to look matt, to dry and kind of lifeless, bad hair days are becoming the norm or it just doesn’t want to form a perfect hair style preferring to just hung down with no purpose… then our hair is probably damaged and need some TLC.

There are a few easy steps you can undertake in order to bring some life back into your hair.

1. Find the reason your hair is damageddryer

I know that this task might not always be easy and there will be conditions overlapping, but ideally we should get rid of all “bad” habits and replace them with hair friendly one.  If you blow dry your hair every morning, try getting up earlier and letting your hair dry naturally or invest in a hair dryer with a cold air stream option. If you plan on going to sleep with wet hair, don’t; let them dry as much as possible before going to bed in order to avoid further damage. Finding the reason your hair isn’t happy should be your main priority. Your hair deserves better so find out what is hurting it and fix it.

2. Visit the hair salon and cut your hair, at least a little bithaircut

If you hair is damaged, dry and dull a trim will do wonders for its health. You will need to have the ends of each hair follicle cut off. This is the part of the hair which is most likely un-fixable. I don’t suggest you get a short hair cut unless that is desired, all though this would be ideal as short hair is so much easier to keep in good health. Just have a trim and remove the split ends.

        3. Brush your hairbrushes

Many of us forget about brushing our hair… I know I do.  Brushing your hair is very important as it helps with oil distribution, the most essential part of glossy healthy hair. Also make sure you have a good hair brush preferably or a comb if all else fails. Do not brush your hair whilst it is wet… yes, I know it is easier to brush when wet but it is also much easier for your hair to get damaged, which we want to avoid at all cost. The only exception to this is the old Chinese method of combing using a piece of silk. Place the silk over your hands like a tea cloth and then run your hair between your hands gently, it takes an hour and its very boring but it does work wonders.

           4. Dry your hair in a reasonable way

turbanWe have already covered the fact that letting your hair dry naturally is a much better way than using a blow dryer. But there is also a second, very important component of drying… that is happening straight after your bath or shower. When using your towel be gentle. Do not rub your hair too much, do not press and move to quickly from left to right. Ideally just gentle place the towel over your head in order to collect excess water through gentle patting… Alternatively why not invest in a hair turban, which will protect you from dripping water and will soak up all the unnecessary moisture.

5.      5. Change the way you wash your hair

Full RepairWhat is important is the way you wash your hair believe it or not. Try doing it slowly; use only your fingertips to gently massage the skin on your head. Do not rush, do not use very hot water and do not forget about the conditioner!

Invest in good quality product for damaged hair – The “Full Repair” collection from John Frieda is a great choice. They offer a Hydrate + Rescue Shampoo plus a Conditioner plus a Repair Oil Elixir which will help with your damaged hair in no time. I have been using these products for the last 4 weeks and I can really see the difference. My hair is much softer and has a healthy shine. No more do I have dull looking, matt hair.

Hopefully with these tips you will be able to get your hair back under control. It worked for me and I am sure it can work for you too.

Do you have any other tips about how to deal with damaged hair?

* I was provided with a selection of John Frieda Full Repair products so I can try them out.


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38 responses to “How to take control of your damaged hair

  1. I find good products that help seal my hair before I straighten it. The Wen conditioners are awesome for curly hair. Great tips!

  2. And remember not to overpower your hair using products. There are a lot of products (mainly aerosols) that can really damage your hair. And over brushing your hair can damage hair. I recommend a good hair mask once a week to revitalise your hair.

    Kate (UK Bloggers)

  3. Great post – Thanks :o) I think it’s important to choose the right brush too .

  4. Daisy

    Good tips. I totally need to go get a haircut to make my hair look healthier.

  5. Best long term solution is to shave it all off, apply weed killer, and if you don’t like being bald, buy a wig! 🙂

  6. Fantastic tips. Thanks for sharing! x

  7. I sometimes use John Frieda products they work very well with my hair.

  8. Some good tips here 🙂 I hate having damaged hair as I dye mine too often.

  9. Heat protection treatments and hair hair masks are great for improving condition and protecting your hair. Great post, thanks for the tips!

  10. Excellent post. I’m going through many of these issues as well..

  11. A trim is invaluable in keeping hair healthy and manageable! Hmmm, I use treatments in place of conditioners because they leave my hair super soft!

  12. I use a hair turban that I can secure with a button so that I can keep it on for as long as I want since my hair takes a long time to dry.

  13. you shared really nice tips. these are just common remedies which usually people dont take into account so thank you for sharing it 🙂

  14. Great tips! I am guilty of going to bed with wet hair. I have to try harder at getting it dry before bedtime! GIG

  15. Nia

    Some great tips! I need to invest in blowdryer diffuser with low heat setting for those day when I just can’t wait for it to air dry… #GIG

  16. Great tips!! Thànks for sharing! #giglove

  17. Ileana

    Great tips… I recently changed my products to better ones 😀



    Don’t forget to check my & other stories giveaway ^^

  18. I prefer dilute my shampoo prior applying and let them air dry instead of direr…. You’ve given some really awesome tips xx

  19. This is a GREAT post! I love it when my hair feels healthy, I can’t wait to give some of your suggestions a try. ❤ GIGLove

  20. Love the tips, another one I know is to always wear a hat/scarf in the sun! =)

  21. Very informative. I have damaged hair so I frequently visit a salon and have my hair trimmed and treated. – giglove

  22. Thank you so much for this post! This is extremely helpful especially for us who has damaged hair.

  23. i think frequent hair cut would help improve hair health bec it lets go of dry tips. 🙂

  24. Very interesting article. I usually don’t brush my hair a lot because they are curly and I don’t want to loose it, but I’ve understood that there are ways you can brush without loosing the curly effect. I thought it was just mine impression that when I wash my hair softly they look better at the hand. Thanks for your tips.

  25. Thank you for the tips.. I usually cut my hair should I find them Dry and damaged .. always works for me !!

    xx Chaicy – Style..A Pastiche!

  26. I have a frizzy hair ever since I permed it. Now I want to bring back my straight hair again! Lol, according to my friend I should stop using shampoo. I did that, but after some times, I used the Vidal Shampoo that I’ve got from one of the stores here in Ph. My head starts to get itchy, and now I have a dandruff again! 😦 Funny is I only shampoo my hair twice a week and used a lot of conditioner. 😦

  27. Thanks for the tips! My hair kinda dry though 😦

  28. I use heat protection before turning on the hair dryer. I don´t know if it helps. but it´s better to try than not trying 🙂

  29. I really try not to apply any heat to my hair.. I even dry my hair whenever possible and always use heat protectant when I apply any heat.. I also oil my hair twice a week.. I can swear by this! n I also apply black henna with added herbs.. It also helps my hair a lot and also helps with dandruff! ❤ giglove

  30. some great tips! mines been way over bleached and dyed that i had to restrain until the textures better

  31. I always try to trim my hair at least once every half year so keep my ends healthy and strong 🙂 speaking of which, it’s time for a trim again soon :p

  32. those are great tips!! i love getting my hair trimmed/cut 😀 and usually butter/oil the end at night every couple weeks

  33. I cut my own hair. If you’ve seen my blog then u know its long and shiny. I also do natural masks every 2 weeks, clean it every 3 days and don’t do rough dry when getting a blow out cause its too porous and it gets frizzy!
    Dee Trillo

  34. Thanks for the tips. It’s great to be reminded to take care of our hair. It’s to prevent hair loss and further damage. giglove

  35. Great tips! Good quality products are really important for a beautiful hair. I’ve never tried Full Repair collection, but would definitely love to. 🙂

  36. Great tips! My hair is really damaged. I’ve been looking for ways to start getting my hair in good condition. GIG

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