Review – Green Earth Frying Pan from Ozeri and the Perfect Eggs

As we cook a lot at home having good quality “tools” which will allow us to do this job better is very important. Mark is a huge fan of cast iron. I must admit they do work well but they are so heavy. Cooking in it is one thing but then you have to wash it in a specific way and most important, and tiring, is having to move it from place A to B. Sometimes when Mark is not home and I would love to have something quick and simple to eat like an egg and bacon roll, when I think about all the hassle which comes with using cast iron pan, I am suddenly not so hungry anymore… So when I was offered to review something from Ozeri, I picked a frying pan, which was a purely selfish choice. I thought that I can finally have a nice frying pan, in which I can just cook without the workout for my hands and arms.

So my pan has arrived :-)

So my pan has arrived 🙂

It was extremely well packed – in a polythene bag and in a stiff cardboard box – very good protection against any damage in transit. And you get full instructions and a warranty with it too. It has a good weight – not too heavy and too light; you can for sure tell that you have lifted something (I really hate light flimsy cookware). It looks great and it feels good in your hand too.

There is a lot of information about the product on the box.

Let’s go through the claims and see if they match up with reality:

EASY TO CLEAN – true, I tried it and there is no scrubbing required, believe me, warm soapy water and the soft side of a sponge and done.

SUPERIOR NON-STICK PERFORMANCE – true, tried it and you will see for yourself if you keep reading.

DURABLE SCRATCH-RESISTANT CERAMIC, AS FOUND IN NATURE – I didn’t manage to scratch it so far, but I am careful, so with this point let’s take a leap of faith.

COMFORTABLE SILICON COATED HANDLE – true, it is actually very comfortable to handle and pleasant to the touch. It doesn’t get hot and it is safe to handle at any point.

INDUCTION STOVE SAFE – true, according to magnet test I performed (if a magnet will stick to the bottom of your pan, this pan will work on an induction hob).

WITH GREBLON CERAMIC COATING FROM GERMANY – not sure if it is from Germany but our pan had a Greblon sticker on it so I believe this is what it is coated with.

NO HARMFUL HEAVY METALS OR CHEMICALS; COMPLETELY ECO-FRIENDLY – I believe this is due to the fact that ceramic coating does not emits any harmful fumes. This pan is 100% PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) free.

So here you go. Pan does as it is stated in the box 🙂

For me the ultimate test of a new frying pan are fried eggs. If I cannot make a good frying eggs on my pan, this pan is totally no use to me. So I got cooking!

All I added it was a tiny spoon of butter

All I added it was a tiny spoon of butter

My eggs came out perfect. And to my surprise so did the pan. It was clean, nothing stuck to it, all I had to do was wipe it clean – no scrubbing or even washing was needed. And if you wonder what I did with my “test eggs”… wonder no further…

Perfect eggs for a perfect roll

Perfect eggs for a perfect roll

So what is my verdict on my new 20cm Ozeri Green Earth Pan?

Love it! It looks fantastic, it performs without any problems and it is great value for money (£24.95 delivered to your door). I already spotted that they also have a 30cm wok on offer – I must get myself one, as doing anything with Mark’s 40cm cast iron one it is not an option for me.

So what do you think? Do you like an idea of this eco-friendly pan?


I’ve received this pan for free for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.



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12 responses to “Review – Green Earth Frying Pan from Ozeri and the Perfect Eggs

  1. Staci L.

    I have this pan and I LOVE it! My favorite thing is how easy it is to clean!

  2. I’m certainly impressed with this eco-friendly frying pan. Less oil, less ‘smoke’ too.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the info! I had not heard of this brand/product yet!

  4. nice frying pan, but that eggs make me hungry haha

  5. Nurina Adhalia

    i always wanted to trying eco friendly fry pan like this, but my mom never want to bought one 😦

  6. Peggy D

    Sandwich looks delish!! I am not a fan of cast iron and cooking in it I fail at. This sounds like the perfect frying pan!

  7. I love ozeri products. the pan sounds wonderful. my cast iron pan gets very very hot and things still stick.

  8. That is a really good price for a frying pan of this quality I must admit! I’m so fed up of frying pans sticking

  9. Looks brilliant. I have a bit of an obsession with getting Frying Pans. I have five already and every time I see one that looks better, I get it….maybe I shouldn’t read posts about frying pans 😉

  10. I love eggs! making my mouth water looking at that yummy sandwich.


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