Infographic – Bonfire Night – advice for your pets

Pets at Home have created an infographic giving tips on how to look after your pets and the wildlife on and around bonfire night.

Use these tips and look after your pets.

Stay safe and have fun!



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16 responses to “Infographic – Bonfire Night – advice for your pets

  1. That’s such a great infographic!

  2. Great tips for all animal lovers!

  3. So cute! I thought it would be a funny comic when I first saw it and loved it was great advice. This would be great for kids to learn, too!


    Great tips, we sometimes forget about this kind of thing, especially if we have laid back cats like mine, but it’s important

  5. Good idea to post this, love the piccys πŸ˜‰

  6. Awesome infographic! These are definitely some good tips!

  7. This is so informative and so cute!

  8. I have a better idea. Ban fireworks, and pop people that light them on the bonfire.

  9. Love the infographic. It is fun of great tips.

  10. Yesterday my guide dog joined me in the bathroom to get away from the bangs. My previous dogs have (obviously) not liked fireworks but my present dog, Trigger shakes badly if he is outside when they are going off. Obviously I try to keep him inside but, being a guide dog he is, inevitably out and about quite a bit.

  11. When the day comes that I get a cat, this comes in handy πŸ™‚

  12. Staci L.

    This is great! So many people don’t think about their pets being scared of fireworks, but my dogs have always hated them!

  13. I had said on a previous post of yours, how brave and unbothered Hendrix (black lab) was by fireworks. Well we had a massive storm on Saturday and the thunder and lightening was right over our heads. This was closely followed by fireworks, which now seem to scare him, after the storm did it’s work. So, thank you for sharing I will be using this the next few days to help make Hendrix more comfortable!

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