Giveaway – formoline L112 – weight loss tablets – 10 boxes – 10 winners

formoline L112

Need to lose a few lbs before the Christmas party?

There’s still time thanks to formoline L112

If you’re worrying whether there’s still time to squeeze into your favourite LBD before the festivities begin, then formoline L112 can lend a helping hand.

Germany’s number 1 slimming product, formoline L112 is a certified Class lll medical device.

But this is no ordinary slimming pill. This is a practical ‘engineering’ solution to an essentially simple but persistent problem: if you consume more energy than you need for your body to function, your body stores the excess as fat. So to lose weight or prevent weight gain you need to reverse that equation.

formoline L112 helps you do just that. By using a naturally derived fibre that binds with fats, formoline reduces the overall calorie intake from food by removing a significant proportion of dietary fats at source, in the stomach.

The fibre is entirely inert, none is metabolised, and it passes safely through the system with the bound fats, removing them from your body before they are digested.

formoline L112 works specifically on fats (not sugar-based foods or carbohydrates) and so is most effective when calories are derived from a diet rich in processed foods that contain large amounts of saturated and trans fats. Unlike some fat-binding supplements, formoline does not require you to be in the close vicinity of a bathroom at all times.

Results show a possible weight loss of 7kg over a 4-week period.

formoline L112 can be used as part of a systematic weight loss programme or as an occasional use product when it isn’t possible to count calories, such as when on holiday or when dining with friends, and will help you to manage your overall intake of fat and fat-derived calories.

It also promotes a feeling of fullness, so users may naturally consume fewer calories. It does not act on the body’s metabolism and is very well tolerated. It is suitable for people with diabetes as there is no carbohydrate exchange value and it can help to lower cholesterol intake.

formoline L112 is an award-winning, trusted slimming product that has graced the headlines in Germany (for all the right reasons), for more than twelve years. German users have learned to adapt their use of formoline L112 according to their circumstances and it is used as much by those trying to maintain their weight as those trying to lose excess weight. Now it’s time for slimmers in the UK to employ a little “weight loss durch Technik!”

formoline L112 usually costs £24.95 for 48 tablets but I have 10 boxes to give away to 10 of my lovely readers.

And if you cannot wait until the competition ends you can use a special £10.00 money-off voucher. Simply go to, order your formoline L112 and type in SLIM112 when you get to the checkout. The promo code is valid until 31st January 2014.

So what you need to do in order to take part in this competition?

The rules are simple, as always 🙂

Please follow my blog and leave a comment: I would like to know if you have any special tips for weight management – maybe you know some “magic” diet I’ve never heard of… please do share anything that can help others to loose or control their weight

Daily additional entry: Follow me on Twitter and RT the competition message as stated below, and then please leave a comment telling me that you have done so.

Need to lose a few lbs for the Christmas party? formoline L112 can help – 10 winners – enter at via @AgataPokutycka


Good Luck!


  1. Open worldwide.
  2. One obligatory entry per reader + 1 additional entry per day allowed.
  3. There will be 10 winners in total. Each winner will receive 1 box of formoline L112 – 48 tablets.
  4. will be responsible for the delivery of the prizes.
  5. Winners will be picked at random and informed within 7 working days from the close of the competition via email or Twitter.
  6. Winners will then have 7 working days to claim their prize, after this time, a new winner will automatically be selected.
  7. Closing day is 24-11-2013 at 23:59pm, an entry made after this time will not be counted.

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Apologies for a late notification but we had a slight delay with picking the winners…

but… now all is done… so here they come

Big congratulation to:

  • Angie H.
  • Deborah H.
  • Melissa O.
  • Liz F.
  • Micky R.
  • Rennene H.
  • Emma L.
  • Caroline S.C.
  • Angela H.
  • Esther J.

Look out for notification email or tweet, as you have 1 week to claim your prize.

Well done!


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116 responses to “Giveaway – formoline L112 – weight loss tablets – 10 boxes – 10 winners

  1. liz ferguson

    I follow a low-carb diet, and it has worked for me! It’s hard the first few days, but once you’ve cut out the carbs, you don’t miss them at all.

    I’ve followed by email.

  2. Naomi Buchan

    I’ve not found anything that actually works long term, ive done the boiled eggs diet a few times. Gets rid of bloating but makes u very stinky! x

  3. Naomi Buchan

    followed and tweeted @NaomiSFB

  4. Sue Warr

    I also cut down on the carbs……..and make sure you eat lots of soup!!

  5. The only diet that has ever worked for me is Weight Watchers – but you need will power – something i dont seem to have right now!

  6. Tweeted and following you on Twitter 🙂

  7. Would love to win! Tweeted 🙂 @JenniiPenny

  8. Counting calories on online apps such as my fitness pal gives you a great overview of intake and excersize. I lost a stone purely knowing what I am consuming

  9. Leanne V mckenna

  10. Leanne V mckenna

  11. Leanne V mckenna

  12. Leanne V mckenna

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