Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

I am not really a heavy smoker any more.

I only get through two lighters a day now.

Bill Hicks

WPC Habit

Challenge set by The Daily Post



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15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. I think it must be the gas light in the gas housing unit? Probably really off and not right at all but thats my guess. P.S love Bill Hicks

    Laura x

  2. My husband is forever loosing his lighters! I love the green flame on that one though.

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  4. There is a lighter that is serious about what it does …

  5. Alluring green, who would´ve thought it stemmed from a lighter.

  6. This is a quite fascinating picture and the quote is even more fascinating 😀 How did you take this pic? DSLR?

  7. I don’t smoke anymore, but when I did I used to love collecting lighters!

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  9. When we used to go to Greece as a family my mum always used to love buying funny lighters. Smoking’s an awful habit but lighters are good fun hahaha. I sound like a pyromaniac haha.

    Kate H (UK BLoggers)
    Help Me With My Hair Style Dilemma

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