What’s Cooking – Chocolate Cornflakes Bites

My last night creation - Chocolate Cornflakes Bites

My last night creation – Chocolate Cornflakes Bites

Last night I had, and could not shift, a huge craving for something sweet and crunchy. The first thing that came into my mind was “Why not make some Chocolate Cornflakes Bites!” It only takes 10 min of preparation plus another 30 minutes of chilling time, this is the point that your saliva glands start kicking in to action. Almost immediately after my brilliant idea popped into my head I hit a problem – we have no plain Cornflakes in the house… but nothing was lost, we did have some Frosties, which are basically Cornflakes covered with sugar 🙂 and as this was going to be a sugar fest anyway it seemed like a small detail.

So what do you need to make this awesome, super fast sweet snack? (It’s a long list)

  • 200g Cornflakes preferably, or Frosties if all else fails, or even Rice Crispies I guess
  • 300g melted chocolate, milk works the best for us but plain will do if you like it more intense
Fristies to the rescue

Frosties to the rescue

Method: (Difficulty Rating 5+ – Complicated))

Put your Frosties (or alternatives) into a large mixing bowl. All we had in the pantry were lots of those small packs of Frosties left over from some variety boxes we acquired at some point. As the box misleads you on how many Frosties are actually inside we ended up using 10 of them. If you have a normal 750g sized box then it would be about a third of the box. (see I told you it was complicated 😉 )

Melt your chocolate in a double boiler if you are doing this correctly, in the microwave if you like to cheat! (Mark just yelled that at me) – I used one bar of cooking chocolate and one bar of 52% cocoa chocolate; normally I would use a milk one but my Frosties were already covered in sugar so needed something to balance the taste out.

Tricky part of this recipe... pouring the chocolate

Tricky part of this recipe… pouring the chocolate

Now comes the technical challenge, you have to pour ALL the melted chocolate over the Frosties without spilling any on the work top, or down the outside of the mixing bowl, a steady hand here is a must.

I think I was mixing to fast... none of the pictures come out in focus

I think I was mixing to fast… none of the pictures come out in focus

Now with a large metal spoon gently incorporate them thoroughly but do be gently, as you do not want to break too many Frosties (or alternative) up.

Once every flake is totally covered with chocolate you can either:

Option A:place everything in a baking tray, and with the edge of your spoon flatten out mixture till it is all the same depth roughly. Pop in the fridge for 30 minutes whilst you prepare yourself for your sugar-fest. Retrieve from the fridge, cut into bite size pieces and enjoy!

Option B: Fill a couple of baking sheets with paper cup cake holders and then spoon equal amounts of the mixture into each. Pop in the fridge for 30 minutes whilst you prepare yourself for your sugar-fest. Visit the fridge and retrieve ONE cup cake case per person, now set a stop watch to see who caves first and wanders back to the fridge for “just one more…”

Finally!!! Time for my Chocolate Cornflakes Bites!

Finally!!! Time for my Chocolate Cornflakes Bites!


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17 responses to “What’s Cooking – Chocolate Cornflakes Bites

  1. That sounds good. But it’s also funny to see a box of Frosties- and know that here in the US that same cereal is called Frosted Flakes.

  2. Mmm you can never go wrong! Looks tasty!

  3. Josiah would most like like this since he loves forsted flakes “Frosties” and chocolate.

  4. Delphina

    I am sooooo making these!!!!

  5. I used to love making these! So yummy! May have to pick some ingredients up to whip up a batch!

  6. Frosted Flakes! I love how it is called Frosties. I like to find out how things are branded in different countries. These look tasty!

  7. Interesting… I may have to try this!

  8. I could eat my screen, it looks fabulous!

  9. masquerade21

    They look so good, now I need to go buy chocolate so I can make some myself!

  10. Staci L.

    Oh man! These look AMAZING!!! Probably not on my diet though!

  11. God all these food posts by lots of people lately are not good for my waistline haha. Yumm Yumm always used Corn Flakes for these in my house but would be interesting to try Frosties!


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