Stop Hunger Now: Grow the Cause Campaign

Stop Hunger Now

About the Campaign
For Christmas 2013 WORLDFOODS wishes to give something back to those in crisis.
Stop Hunger Now is a charity that aims to end world hunger in our lifetime, a cause which is close to WORLDFOODS Global Business Director May Foong’s heart. WORLDFOODS wishes to help feed the poor, who can’t feed themselves.
WORLDFOODS will be implementing a Christmas Charity campaign in which they look to match the first 5,000 “Likes” they receive on their Facebook page with a donation of $1 to Stop Hunger Now.
WORLDFOODS will use the power of social sharing to raise awareness around this cause.

End World Hunger
About Stop Hunger Now
The Mission of Stop Hunger Now is to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable and by creating a global commitment to mobilizing the resources to make this happen.
They have been fulfilling this commitment since they were founded in 1998.
In 2005 they launched their meal packing programme perfecting an assembly process of small meal packets that contain essential vitamins and minerals and have a 2 year shelf life. These cost only 25 cents. This means that a $1 dollar donation from WORLDFOODS will feed four hungry mouths.
Stop Hunger Now works with international partners to have these meals shipped and distributed.
70% of their meals are provided to transformational development programs such as school feeding, vocational training, early childhood development and orphanages.

How you can help
Join the campaign and spread the word.

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11 responses to “Stop Hunger Now: Grow the Cause Campaign

  1. It makes me so sad to think that there are starving people out there in the world. I wish I could help every single appeal but it’s impossible 😦

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. I wish all these famous singers and entertainers, instead of doing charity singles or shows, donate some of their thousands or millions to these world hunger causes. Each year McFly donate to Comic Relief whether they bring out a single or not because they were so shook by the sights they seen when they visited poverty striken places xx

  3. This is such an important thing to raise awareness of! Really makes you think about what you spend your money on knowing just $1 dollar could feed four hungry people x

  4. Thanks so much for sharing!! It’s so important to help those in need. GIGLOVE

  5. I have seen some of the places in this world that are dealing with this problem and it is heartbreaking. Great post to raise awareness Agata!

  6. it’s a really meaningful share you got here! will join in to raise awareness in ways i can help!

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