Weekly Photo Challenge: One

“Truth is one, paths are many.”

Mahatma Gandhi
Weekly Photo Challenge One
Challenge set by The Daily Post



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17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

  1. such a inspirational picture you have chosen -Brilliant for the challenge!


  2. Thats a lovely photo, Is it Tibet?

  3. One incredibly crowded area in one remote spot! One would have thought one would think of spreading them out a bit more round the Larung Gar.

  4. Such beautiful photograph! Tibet is a beautiful place indeed 🙂 giglove

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  6. Wow! How on earth would you find your way home if you lived there? Fabulous photo!

  7. Wow amazing picture – I was going to ask where it was but I’ve noticed you had already answered that. Makes me very honoured to have the space around my home I do.

  8. sarahalison27

    all i can say is WOW & i love my backyard :-/ talk about living in each others pockets

  9. Wow! Nothing like having a fifth-story window right outside your first-story front door. That’s quite an arrangement. I wonder which came first—the giant chicken or all the little surrounding eggs.
    Come visit my One (Remember)

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  11. wow. that is an amazing photo 😉

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