Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I went window shopping today! I bought four windows.
Tommy Cooper

Weekly Photo Challenge Window

Challenge set by The Daily Post


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14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

  1. Are those people-powered sewing machines?

  2. Dee

    I always love your entries for the Photo Challenges. They are unique and interesting selections.

  3. i always look in the All Saints window in Cardiff 🙂 Intriguing challenge I may have to have a look!

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  5. Great window! Such beautiful old sewing machines.

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  8. ooh how fab are those machines x

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  10. Oh, sewing machines! I remember when my grandma used to have one of those and we would play with it when we were little. It’s like a window to the past for me. gig

  11. Ari

    Oh I love that window design! So unique. I tend to love anything with a vintage touch to it.

  12. I love All Saints’s windows. I think it’s mainly because of my love of Singer Sewing Machines xx

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