Who / What Am I? 24/01

I hope you all are ready for the great weekend which is upon us ๐Ÿ™‚

I am happy as our roof is fixed, so no need to worry about drips of water or ceilings falling on my head. Hopefully tomorrow we will fix it from the inside (one of the plaster-boards needs replacing) than a quick paint job and all will be back to normal. So, this is my good news for the week!

Last week I was told that my pictures are getting too obscure… buuu… I know, but what to do when you guess everything more normal…

I came up with a solution… at least for this week… but letโ€™s get back to last week picture…

This mysterious yellow slab of cheese, cake, honeycomb is in fact a sort of a little rock, just like Linda said. It was a close up shot of brimstone known in wider circles as sulphur. Have a look…

Volcano Ijen brimstoneVolcano Ijen brimstone 1

Did you know that it is used to bleach dried fruits as well as a component of gunpowder? Scary isnโ€™t it?

For this week letโ€™s try something different.

I have a special picture for you with a selection of a road signs showing different dangers ๐Ÿ™‚ I numbered them all, so it is easier to identify them… ย Can you guess what they are?

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 24 01 2014

Can you guess all 16 answers?


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26 responses to “Who / What Am I? 24/01

  1. oh wow i never knew about the dried fruits part. indeed scary!
    10: jellyfish in swimming pool
    11: crocodile in water
    15, 16: theyre in trees?
    the rest is animal crossing the roads? lol
    6 looks like it breathes out fire haha

  2. Wow dried fruit used to be bleached!! I am no good at guessing signs but lets give it a go

    10 & 11… jellyfish/crocodiles in the water
    no idea 15 & 16, like nicol said… in trees??
    The rest have to be crossing, except number 1, pretty sure jellyfish can’t survive out of water.

  3. We need those jellyfish warning signs around here – my son got a nasty sting once in the water!
    ~ Kimberly
    Our Family World

  4. 7 is duck crossing. Usually posted near ponds in the city where ducks like to hang out.
    8 is livestock on the road. Usually accompanied by cattle guards every few miles. These are true free range farm animals. You DO NOT want to hit a cow with your car. It will total the car and then you have to pay the farmer for the loss of the animal. No, really. You should have been paying attention like the sign told you to.

  5. Suddenly I stumbled upon your blog again! I separated my dog adventures in a new side line blog. You might be interested in hopping over and visit Trompie again! http://scrapydodog.wordpress.com/

  6. Great Thoughts, Glad You Got Some Stuff Done. #2 Camel That’s Funny!!

  7. jelly fish, camel, iguana, snake, turtle, scary dinosaur, ducks, cow, penguin, scarier jelly fish, who attack genitals; alligator, rabbit pig, humpback ostrich, kangaroo, koala, and a monkey, ready to attack.

  8. What great signs – much more interesting than ours! Loving number 10!!

  9. Dried fruit is still bleached! That’s why I buy unsulphured apricots ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. would love the crocodile sign up in our local pool just for fun

  11. think I can guess most although I may be wrong!

  12. I think I need to show my son these signs.

  13. Ew….that’s quite disturbing knowing that sulphur is used in things we eat as well as gunpowder. Love the animal warning signs – will pop back later for a more protracted guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. What a great quiz – and those signs are great. You can actually see the pain in picture 10 ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. no.16 looks like he’s got a pole up it’s jacksie… I had no idea that was sulphur I would have said honeycomb.

  16. I love all of those signs…wish we had a few more adventurous ones in this country…although I’m not sure I’d want to come across all of them when I’m out and about!!

  17. Loving the penguin (9) thats if it is a penguin? Is it a crossing sign?

  18. Brilliant – I remember a lot of these signs from when I lived in Australia *ahh the memories*

  19. My youngest is going to love looking at these signs and trying to work out what they all mean.

  20. Sam

    I love the penguin too, I’d have it in the garden ๐Ÿ™‚ no.10 is funny!

  21. craftsonsea

    Love the penguin one ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Is no.6 a Tazmanian devil? Love the quiz!

  23. We have signs for turtles, elk, caribou and bears here in Canada – did they ever put up signs for badgers back in the UK? I remember them discussing it for badger crossing points a while back…

  24. Ok I’m going to guess at…

    1. Jellyfish
    2. Camel
    3. ?
    4. Snake
    5. Armadillo
    6. ?
    7. Ducks
    8. Cows
    9. Penguin
    10.Stinging Jellyfish
    11. Crocodile / Alligator
    12. ?
    13. Cassowary
    14. Kangaroo
    15. Koala
    16. Leemur

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