UK Best Dog Walking Spots – Take The Lead

Take The Lead

Not all of us are blessed with living close to a fantastic walking spot. Let’s take us for example… we live in a lovely village with a lot of open countryside around us, but unfortunately it is not very dog friendly. The soil is predominately clay and arable land which in this current weather makes dog walks a real nightmare… ok, maybe the walks aren’t so bad by themselves but cleaning eight paws afterwards is! 30 minutes of walk and then an hour of cleaning, twice a day… this doesn’t sound very appealing to me. So, often we will drive them to a nice walking spot… most days it is just a short distance up the road so we can have fun on the local football ground which at least has some grass coverage. This is our everyday walk routine… but every so often we all want a change of scenery so we go for a longer drive to the local woods and make a day out of it.

Sykes Cottages created a fantastic website Take The Lead, which is a guide to a great dog walks. So far they feature the Lake District, Norfolk and around the South West.

Featured Walk Trails

Each of these areas has two dog walking trails. As Norfolk is closest to us let me focus on my favourite pick from this selection – the Weybourn to Sharingham walk.

Weybourn to Sharingham walk description

Weybourn to Sharingham

As you can see from the pictures the walks are described from the dogs point of view, which I like a lot; so different and totally adorable. The trail description gives clear instructions on where to go and what you can see during your travels. If you want you can also download the walk in a .pdf file.

pdf download

I love the idea of this website and I hope there will be many more walks added in the future. And to make things even better every walk trail on their website offers a dog friendly cottage near by… just in case you want to make a short break out of it 🙂

Do you have your favourite walking spots?

Do you like the idea of a website featuring countrywide best dog walking routes?

Would you like to add your walk trail onto it?


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27 responses to “UK Best Dog Walking Spots – Take The Lead

  1. This looks like a great website for dog walkers. We have a good few places by mine. Lots of trails and stuff like that 🙂 x

  2. We barely get to take our dogs anywhere people get very intimidated by german sheperds and so if the beach is not quiet we try to take them to a forest with a stream nearby in the summer but rarely for long as its usually busy.

  3. Great idea for people with dogs.

  4. Oh, how I miss having a dog… It’s been years since I had a dog, and I don’t see having a new one anywhere in my future, but I do miss it. Lovely post, that really tugged on my heart.

  5. We have just rehomed our first dog so this info is great! x

  6. We are lucky in that we have some great places to walk dogs, but this sounds such a great idea.

  7. We live in a beautiful area with fab dog walks. I love the fact that more and more places are letting you take your dog with you

  8. I live in a brilliant area for walking, 50 acres of managed parkland, so natural surrouondings, but fabby man-made paths. However, it gets a bit samey, so I think a website like this is a great idea!

  9. The views from the walks look amazing! Great idea for a site.

  10. This looks a great website to visit if you have a dog. I would love to get a house with a big garden so I can have a dog

  11. What a lovely idea – I’ll have to have a look if there are any on there near here Sal might like to have a look at 🙂 x

  12. What a fab idea for a website!

  13. Sam

    I love this! We have a few country parks that are good for walks and Delamere Forest is close by.

  14. What a great idea for people with dogs, lovely 🙂

  15. This is a great idea for those with dogs. I used to love walking my dogs x

  16. Thank you so much for this post I now live in a city so my dog doesn’t get a great walk like she used to, this website will be such a help for us. She used to run around Salisbury plains but now in Wakefield and I have no idea where to take her so thank you xx

  17. what great tips for dog owners! x

  18. It looks a great idea for dog walkers – I have to admit that we avoid places where we know there will be dogs and I hate the beach this time of year purely for that fact that some irresponsible dog owners spoil it for everyone else

  19. A brilliant idea for dogwalkers – especially if you are on holiday and not sure of where to walk the dogs.

  20. Ahh lovely idea. I don’t have a dog but grew up with dogs in the house and this is really useful.

  21. Great idea – we don’t have a dog but I will pass this on to my extended family members who do.

  22. What a fab idea, off to have a good look x

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