Fractal Art by George Thomson

Fractal Art by George

Guest post by George

The images you see here are most likely unfamiliar to you, maybe a bit of a mystery, but kind of intriguing, right?  Well, let me introduce you to fractal art.

I’m George, a 23 year old student and I make these fractals in my spare time.  I love it.  But I’ve never shared my art with the world before – I am only doing so now to try and fund a trip to visit my girlfriend who is currently taking a year abroad, studying in Japan.  Her name is Paulina, hence the name of one of the pieces: ‘Paulina’s glass’.

‘Paulina’s glass’

‘Paulina’s glass’

These beautiful pieces of art are what’s known as fractal art; a complex mix of geometry, algorithms and millions of calculations produce these awesome images. I find fractals absolutely fascinating – for me, they are a representation of the beauty and wonders of the world and the universe.  How can mathematics translate into something so beautiful?  I love just staring at them and letting my thoughts wonder, I find them very peaceful and also stimulating at the same time.  What I find fascinating about them is that with the same process I can create something that looks like a galaxy or a nebula, but also something that looks like what you might see under a microscope.

These images take such a long time to create you wouldn’t believe it. Once I have programmed all the algorithms and patterns I want, the computer starts performing billions of calculations to ‘render’ the image.  This process can take over 72 hours just for one image.  It really feels like it is recreating a small representation of the universe.  Once my poor laptop finishes its hard work, each image is larger than 300-400 mega-bytes, that’s right I said MEGA-BYTES!  This is why they are so perfect for printing on large canvases or posters: the quality and resolution is simply unreal.  The images you see here are of extremely reduced quality unfortunately (otherwise they would take forever to load).

If you like my art and you would like to support me, please visit my crowdfunding page on kickstarter, where you can buy downloads of the ultra high resolution fractals (which make stunning screensavers!), prints of them on posters, canvas prints and more.




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31 responses to “Fractal Art by George Thomson

  1. Corinne Faulkner

    I’m loving fractal art now, so unique, creative and deep thinking. Will take a look at kickstarter now – good luck with your trip !!

  2. Ooh will have to take a look at the website, so pretty!

    meimei xx

  3. love these sort of pictures , althogh i have seen many like them before they always look great

  4. all this picture is beautiful & the process you take to make this make this picture more amazing ❤

  5. never thought in this direction but it makes sense.. very thought provoking

  6. Great Website I’ve Checked It Many Times Beautiful Pictures!!

  7. wow! Really amazing! And yes, they are very intriguing !!! Thanks for introducing me to this form of art 🙂

  8. Wow, I had never heard of this. My boys will be intrigued

  9. I love fractals, these pictures are amazing.

  10. woww the artwork is so creative and pretty ! Amazing !!! #giglove #smallnhot

  11. Ari

    That ‘Paulina’s glass’ piece is so pretty! Got to respect the dedication of some artists, truly.

  12. This is a great concept. I hadn’t heard of it before but love it!

  13. Aren’t they amazing? They remind me of how mathematics can go with sound to produce wonderful music.

  14. Paulina’s glass is very pretty!

  15. It really is so beautiful. I have seen fractal art before, but I never knew how one makes it or that it is so complex! Thanks for this post, it was really great to learn all this 🙂

  16. These do look very beautiful. A very unconventional form of creativity, but beautiful nevertheless.

  17. These looks amazing. So unusual and complex, yet stunning to look at. Hope you make enough to visit your girlfriend 🙂

  18. Oh wow must have a look at the website, these are just fabulous – beautiful 🙂

  19. What amazing pictures, they’d make a great big huge feature wall!

  20. That is indeed gorgeous art.

  21. Sarah

    WOW those are beautiful what amazing art – I wouldn’t mind some on my wall that’s for sure 🙂 X

  22. Love the concept of art and mathematics combined to create some stunning pieces! 🙂

  23. I have never seen this type of art before – how amazing is it!

  24. Wow – this is amazing! Really space age and so evocative!

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  26. Stunning! I love this type of art – appeals to my artistic side and my love of maths at the same time!

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