Review – Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Top Collar Pet Treats

Today I would love to share with you my review of Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats.

Lilly and Bunk were sent a box of Sunday Roast treats and they both totally loved them!

Yes, of course they both like treats, Bunk probably much more than Lilly as he is the beggar type, but I never seen them going so crazy before for anything, even sausages seem to be less of an attraction.

Give me one now...

Give me one now…



Sod it... I’ll get it myself

Sod it… I’ll get it myself

Our Sunday Roast treats came in a flat cardboard box, which fit through the letter box perfectly. The first thing you will notice once opened is the smell… OMG they do smell delicious… I had to really control myself not to snatch one of them cookies for myself.

The first recorded incident of Lilly taking a treat from a human hand, that’s how good they are!

The first recorded incident of Lilly taking a treat from a human hand,
that’s how good they are!

Sunday roast is a special time in most homes… we all gather after a hard week to enjoy a meal together and share news about our lives… but most pets do not get to join in this celebration, unless some scraps survive for their dinner bowl. I love the idea of a treat which is the doggie equivalent of our favourite Sunday Roast. Top Collar Sunday Roast cookies are made from: chicken, carrots, parsnip, sweet potato, garlic, self-raising flour, butter and milky biscuit mix; and they came shapped as a small hearts 🙂

This was the first time we have tried these lovely treats and I am sure it will not be the last. Whilst I was browsing through their website I spotted Keep ‘Em Coming – treat box subscription, which would be ideal for us. You get 2 deliveries a month with one main dish in each box…the easy way to make sure your dog never runs out of treats. This awesome doggie box subscription is priced at only £8.95 per month.

Currently Top Collars cater for dogs only, but I spotted that a cat selection will be coming in shortly… which would be nice because there is not a lot of choice regarding nice kitty treats out there… and they too deserve some love  🙂

It really looks like Top Collar creates our kind of treats, not only are they made with love but most of all they are created using good quality ingredients and without the entirely unnecessary E numbers added in.

There is a special selection for puppies as well, so even our youngest companions can enjoy a nice treat, which is so important during those early months whilst all the training is going on.

If this sounds like something you would love to try – either for your furry friends, or a friend of a friend – I have a 10% discount code, which I will happily share with you. Simply type “TENOFF” when placing your order… everyone can use this code, so pass it on and share the love.

Just one more...

Just one more…


We received a box of treats for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own… and my dogs…


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27 responses to “Review – Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

  1. Bunk, I can see it on your face that this treats are super-delicious!

  2. Sensibly priced and with real ingredients and no nasties, a winner product, me thinks!

  3. awww bunk is such a cutie! I doubt he’d like my cats though, I suspect he might just cause a war!

  4. omg your dogs are absolutely stunning! And them treats look amazing, so much better than the usual doggie treats! x

  5. Sophie

    Thank you for the kind comments! All our traditional dishes are made fresh, with your beloved dog in mind 🙂

  6. they look great and your dogs obviously love them 🙂

  7. They look like a really special treat – and how gorgeous are your dogs?!

  8. Aw these look brilliant!!! And the biscuits look really good too 😉

  9. Great that our animals can have tasty treats too 🙂

  10. Love your dogs, just adorable! We are dogless but hope to have a Lab again one day. The biscuits seem great 🙂

  11. Om nom nom it definitely looks like they are enjoying them – I’m sure our Sal would as well if only she was allowed. x

  12. My dog would love these… your dogs are so cute 😀

  13. OMG your dogs are gorgeous!

  14. Your dog is like a bear! Lucky you and lucky pets!

  15. They are SO fluffy !
    lovely dogs.
    So good to have natural snacks as well.

  16. Your dogs are SO sweet! We have a springer and he would love these treats x

  17. They sound slobber-licious 🙂

  18. Glad it was such a good product.

  19. Those big brown eyes, how could you refuse!

  20. Oh I love Newfoundlands and those sunday roast biscuits sound delicious, what a super dog treat.

  21. They sound great. The pics of your dogs are so sweet!

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