Why walking is better than running

Is walking better than running

Last week I read a funny post by Slummy Single Mummy with the title “9 good(ish) reasons to give up running”. I clocked this post via my email subscription and I simply couldn’t resist clicking on the link and reading it… I just had to know what these reasons might be…

And you know what? It really made me feel better to know that I am not the only one who feels like this about running. I hate running too! It always makes me feel bad when I see all those promo spots with runners… it looks so easy and it looks almost totally effortless… I know from experience that it is not! So stop showing all the clips that make it look so easy… All this pretty looking runners… bah… they do not exist in the real world… I know, I have looked for them…

Anyhow… this has got my thinking… there must be an easier alternative to running… surprise, surprise… yes there is… it is called WALKING!

So I set myself a challenge to find out if walking can out benefit running…

To my huge surprise they do offer more or less the same benefits.

Walking apparently is better for:

Your immune system – running can stress it out, especially long distance running

Your heart – again long distance running can lead to elevated serum markers for cardiac stress

Your joints – running is stressing out our joints too much, which might lead to an increased risk of injuries and osteoarthritis in later life.

Running wins hands down when it comes to fat burning… but to help offset this difference we can simply walk a bit faster for longer 🙂

I also found out a few other interesting facts about walking:

Walking prevents type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes Prevention Program showed that walking 150 minutes per week and losing just 7% of your body weight (12-15 pounds) can reduce your risk of diabetes by 58%.*

Walking is good for your brain. In a study on walking and cognitive function, researchers found that women who walked the equivalent of an easy pace at least 1.5 hours per week had significantly better cognitive function and less cognitive decline than women who walked less than 40 minutes per week.*

Walking helps alleviate symptoms of depression. Walking for 30 minutes, three to five times per week for 12 weeks reduced symptoms of depression as measured with a standard depression questionnaire by 47%.*

So for me walking is the winner!

It doesn’t make me sweat like a horse, at least most of the time; is doesn’t cost so much and I can do it without any huge preparations or long notice…

All you need for walking is time and willingness… that’s it!

Yes, you can get a nice pair of walking shoes so you are more comfortable; you can get a walking pole if you want to try so called Nordic Walking and yes, you can get a pedometer… the last one I would actually recommend if for nothing else it can provide you with interesting data about your walking habits.

Lately I have been using a 4×3 motion digital 3D pedometer from Ozeri. Truly it is an incredible tool. It measures my steps (after setting it to my stride), distance covered, time spent and 4x3 motion digital pedometer from Ozericalories burned (yes, you have to share your weight with it). This is not the first pedometer in our household but it is the first we feel that actually works and does the job it is supposed to do. And to make things easier you are not required to keep it on your hip / waist / belt at all times. It has a clever 3D sensor which works in any position, so attach the lanyard as provided and simply wear it around your neck. Great little tool if you like to keep the score of things.

So what do you think? Walking or running?

While you think about that I will share with you some non-health related walking facts.

Given that the world is about 25,000 miles in circumference and that the average walking rate is 3 miles per hour, it would take a person walking nonstop approximately 347 days to walk around the world.**

The average human walking speed is about 3.1 miles per hour, or 5.0 kilometres per hour.**

And, one more for you; this one is scary when you think about it…

It would take, on average, 1 hour and 43 minutes of walking to burn off a 540-calorie Big Mac.**

I received an Ozeri pedometer for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.


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20 responses to “Why walking is better than running

  1. Good information and an interesting post. Thank you.

  2. cassfrugalfamily

    Thanks for sharing – lots of things to think about today x x

  3. Interesting. I have horribly loose feeling, crunchy knee joints so I hate running. It’s walking all the way for me!

  4. This is great to know. I can walk for miles, but no good with the running. So this is perfect x

  5. I love walking but hate running! Walking certainly makes me feel happier. Thanks for the interesting information :-).

  6. Iv never been a fan of running, without a good sports bra it would be awful, lol for me and the passers by. I walk a lot with my dog and really enjoy the freedom and thinking time it gives me

    Gemma xx

  7. I actually used to walk from home to school every morning & back again depending on how the day went. I will never forget that 1.2 miles & was always refreshed & ready for the day. Not to mention killer calf muscles … Kinds miss all that. But this post is very informative & makes me think I need to walk more and drive less.
    Thanks hun
    Lotte xo

  8. I used to love running but then knackered my knees 😦 You are right, it is seriously bad for your joints and I think as we (or at least I!) get older, walking is so much better for us. I have a dog so walking is a big part of my life!

  9. Great post. I haven’t run/jogged since I had my toddler – knackered pelvis. Do a fair amount of walking though so that’s good news!

  10. This is good to know! I haven’t run for years, I hate it! I do love a good walk though. The pedometer looks great for keeping on top of your steps.

  11. That’s really useful and interesting information. I always knew walking was better 😛 (now I have the facts to justify my lack of running!!)

  12. agree! walking is fab. Plus my mummy is too unfit to run BOL

  13. I LOVE this post!! I have a friend who was trying to get me to run with her but I know I don’t have the stamina for it. I do love walking though and it’s great to know that actually, this is probably better for me! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Interesting post, at least when I say I’m not running – walking is so much better I can perhaps back it up a little lol x

  15. Michelle

    I’ve never ever had the inclination to go running – but I do love walking – you see so much more! It also doesn’t matter about your fitness level when it comes to walking, and anyone can do it! x

  16. I did not know all of this! So thank you for sharing! 😀

    Please check my blog! 🙂 http://fashionoodles.wordpress.com/

    xx Mel

  17. I could walk for miles and miles but I have never been a fan of running.

  18. I just find walking so much more fun! You can see what’s going on, take time to look around you and snap photos if you see something you like. Running just sounds too much like hard work 😉

  19. winegumsx

    Hate running, love walking! It’s great to do interval walking too… a long time ago I lost loads of weight after changing my usual daily walk from normal walking to 5mins slow, 5 mins fast the whole way (used to walk an hour to work and home) but now I work too far away to walk! 😦

  20. This is good to know – I beat myself up because I don’t run, but I do walk everywhere!

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