Infographic – Dog Training – Facts and Figures

Dog Training Information
Dog Training graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365.


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7 responses to “Infographic – Dog Training – Facts and Figures

  1. I guessed that “sit” will be the chart breaker :o)

  2. 53% never to go training? Yikes. That’s gotta be lowered.

  3. Trouble is if you get a rescue dog that is just over puppy training age, the prices become astronomical to train. But all pups need training, much happier pooches.

  4. Very interesting , never had any dog .x

  5. I don’t have a dog, but this still made for interesting reading!

  6. Interesting stats – 53% never go to training; only 12.9% think sit is important yet 90.2% of dogs know the command. Visiting from Big Bad Blogshare. Just started following – we have a still wild (but generally well behaved) 18 month old westie!

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