Pet Pawtrait – Mark and Lilly

The Pet Pawtrait competition is being run by Animal Friends.

To enter you are supposed to take a ‘portrait’ to include yourself and your pet.

Entries will be judged by the team at Animal Friends on four criteria: creativity, pose, effort and fun factor.

Price: a whopping £200 to spend at Muddy Paws.

The deadline is the 14th March 2014, so hurry up. Chop chop.

We wanted to take part in this competition so we picked a (rare) nice day and off for a walk we went. The plan was simple, Mark and Lilly pose and I shot some pictures… as it ended up it wasn’t so simple after all…

Lilly is not camera shy but she was in a playful mood and the longer we tried, the worse the results. I was aiming for a “high five” type of shot, but I never got it… time was passing by rapidly, the treat bag was getting emptier by the minute and there was still no perfect shot…(I now understand the old adage never work with kids or animals when filming) but it doesn’t really matter… we have the perfect dog, so who cares about the perfect shot!

So here it is… not exactly a perfect posed shot but a portrait none the less that really captures our Lilly – fun loving, clever and most of all a beautiful girl, who sadly does not always do what she’s told to do. She will do it all the time off camera, high fives all round, sigh.

Lilly and Mark Pet Pawtraits


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14 responses to “Pet Pawtrait – Mark and Lilly

  1. yes, she is a funny beautiful girl. I agree!

  2. always a great picture when its of a dog and its owner fab pic x

  3. I love Labrador dogs and these picture capture their lovable characters perfectly

  4. They never perform when you want them to and then as soon as you haven’t got your camera handy… the perfect shot!! Your photos definately captire her fun side 🙂

  5. She is gorgeous! What a fab competition, and those photos are great!

  6. Such a lovely poochie! We have a Border Collie – too late to enter though, boo x

  7. Aww this is lovely, what some gorgeous pictures 🙂 x

  8. Ah she looks like such a cuddly dog x

  9. Dogs are like 3 year olds, they don’t sit still if you show them a camera 😀

  10. She looks like a great dog! I find it so hard to take photos of our dog, he wont sit still long enough!

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