Who / What Am I? 14/03

What a lovely day!

I am so happy that the rain has finally decided to go elsewhere.

Amazing isn’t it, all you need is a bit of sunshine and suddenly everything looks so much better 🙂

I really adore this time of the year… spring is so beautiful! Everything is waking up again after the winter and the world gains so many colours! I have already spotted a few flowers in my front garden… they are such a pleasure to look at every time I leave the house.

Happy times!

but back to the point…

Last week I presented to you a mystery orange “thing”. Your guesses were all over but nowhere near the “real thing”. My personal favourite was an old persons’ knee 😉 – yes, I could see it… but no, it was not a knee, nor a carrot or an apricot – it was a birds’ beak.

Have a look…

Who What Am I answer to 07 03Who What Am I cut out answer to 7 03

I have some grand plans for this weekend… unfortunately they all involve spring cleaning… but hey, how bad can it be when the sun is shining and temperatures are starting to rise… I recon it will be an awesome weekend!

I hope you have some great plans too.

And whilst you are sitting there feeling tired this evening after your day of excitement and just relaxing whilst browsing the net don’t forget to have a go at this week picture.


Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 14 03 2014


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29 responses to “Who / What Am I? 14/03

  1. Excellent! I would never have guessed!!!!!
    I LOVE Springtime too, I always “wake up” with the world after the winter, I was born in Spring and it’s definitely my happiest time of year 🙂

  2. Oh I do love to be beside the seaside! Yes I live my the sea, that my dear is sand!

  3. Brilliant! What a great looking bird too. I agree with Jen on the second one, definitely sand 🙂

  4. I’m not great at guessing these but it looks like wall paper 🙂

  5. What a scary looking bird! It gave me palpitations. Yikes! This weeks picture looks like wallpaper but I’m wondering if maybe it’s a piece of fabric?

  6. That picture was fantastic, but I am totally useless at guessing games. I will have to check back to find out!

  7. Cool geese pic, that looks like anaglypta paper but I’m sure its not.

  8. It’s amazing isn’t it – the world is such a cheery place when bathed in a little sunshine. And right now spring cleaning sounds like a glorious thing to do – so much better than finding activities indoors while we hide out from the rain! Enjoy!

  9. I thought wallpaper but now I think sand x

  10. Love the picture of the bird !

  11. I would say it looks like wallpaper – the kind that my Mum and Dad used to use and me and my sister would colour in the left overs!

  12. Sand!!

    I would never have guessed the previous one however x

  13. My husband is trying to rope me into spring clean mode too! If the sun comes out through I’m off 😉 x

  14. Well I was way off with the last picture. I think this one is sand where water has run over it.

  15. I never would have guessed that – amazing.

    This weeks looks a little like wallpaper but I am sure I am wrong. x

  16. Is it water channels in the sand

  17. What a stunning looking Goose! I’m guessing sand as the the tide goes out to sea.

  18. Kizzy Bass

    I have no idea

  19. I think its a bit of wallpaper

  20. I did think it must be fabric, a very thin cotton, but now I’ve seen the suggestion of sand I think they’re probably right 🙂

  21. cassfrugalfamily

    That bird is just weird lol. I wouldn’t have guessed sand for this week but now I’ve seen what everyone else has put I think it could be!

  22. winegumsx

    My first thought was wallpaper but after reading the other comments sand fits really well!

  23. I just had to scroll down to see the original image. I would have had no idea, but the guess of a knee still has me laughing! I think this week is sand, I love the patterns that are left when the water washes away.

  24. I’m awful at guessing these but this was has totally stumped me! Looks a bit like sand though? x

  25. savvywendy

    Love it. I love Spring as well everything waking up from the winter xx

  26. I love Spring it’s a great time of year.. even on cooler days. I think it looks like wall paper.

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