So close…

Today was supposed to be a most glorious day!

Today, our new oven was supposed to be delivered and fitted

… so, so close… but no luck…

First we didn’t get the conformational phone call about the delivery time but my explanation for this was… “ok, they have already moved the date twice, so maybe there is no need for yet another phone call.”

So I spend my morning in a state of building anticipation, waiting for the delivery team…

It was agreed, signed and sealed – weeks ago – that they would arrive in the morning. Yeah, no… so around noon I had become really inpatient to the point that I dialled the customer service line in the vain hope that I would find out what is happening… However whilst on the phone, patiently waiting in the queue, our door bell rang… woooot… are they? Are they here?

And yes, I was right they are here.

A lovely gleaming delivery truck was parked in front of the house and there they were, getting our new shiny oven out!

I was so happy!

Hmmm a short 5 minutes later our old oven was unplugged and dragged away… we managed to steal back some of the spare shelves; just in case they are needed for our outdoor BBQ… so it was time to bring our new beauty in!

Our new oven

They got it in and started to “play” with the wires… and this is when everything went wrong! Apparently we have a dodgy outlet that’s wrong – something to do with amps, we need 13, we have 32… not good, no that won’t do at all!

… and I don’t mean just any not good, no!

… this not good was a Not Good to the point that they refused to install it!

“You need an electrician, I am sorry!”

And that was it!

When asked if he could at least put our old oven back in, he refused 😦

“not safe” he said…

So now we have an awesome shiny beautiful new oven which doesn’t work! I am so cross, I could cry…

So close... almost working :-(

So close… almost working 😦

Any of you know some nice cheap electrician who would change the power outlet for me?

What a day!

It was supposed to be a most glorious day!


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45 responses to “So close…

  1. I would like such a power-guy too, if you find one, please send him to me when he fixed your beautiful oven :o)

  2. I have a friend that does electrical stuff. Maybe a little far for you. But I might add – I love that stove – it’s beautiful! 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  3. Oh no!! I really hope you can get it sorted asap :S

  4. Oh no! I am so sorry 😦 boooo! x

  5. Oh what a utter pain, hope you are able to sort it quickly and cheaply!

  6. Blooming heck. What a nightmare. I hope you manage to get an Electrician quick smart

  7. pigeonpairandme

    Oh no! Do you at least have access to some decent local takeaways? I can sympathise – we were without our cooker for a whole week a couple of months ago. I was tearing my hair out!

  8. Oh what a nightmare for you all, i really hope you get it sorted soon! xxx

  9. Oh poor you! I hope you manage to get it all sorted out soon and are cooking on your new beauty x

  10. What a shame! We were without an oven for a few weeks and got to now al our takeaway delivery men by name. I hope you get it sorted quickly.

  11. Oh no that’s so disappointing, even more so that it’s ready and in its new home. Sometimes things just aren’t as straightforward as you want them to be. Fingers crossed you’ll have that oven soon though 🙂

  12. So near yet so far! How incredibly frustrating. Hope you get it sorted really soon:)

  13. Oh no 😦 I am sorry I can’t help with the electrician, but I really hope you manage to get it all sorted quickly. At least it looks really lovely, and when you think about it, who really needs cooked food 😉

  14. I’m sorry to hear that :-(. I hope that you are able to get it fitted in soon. And I hope that you managed to make the most of it by getting a take away for tea 🙂

  15. Oh no I’m so sorry 😦 I hope you get someone to sort it out for you as soon as possible x it is a lovely oven x

  16. That is such a shame. Before getting an electrician check the manual to confirm the required current I can’t believe it can be that different for two ovens of the same size.

  17. Uh oh 😦 not good. I hope it’s sorted soon. This is the sort if thing that happens to me all of the time! x

  18. Ovens have always been 32 amp why have they suddenly changed… typical!! Hope you get it sorted soon, it certainly looks good 🙂

  19. Oh no! What a nightmare! I’m dreading replacing our kitchen – god knows what is behind all the units etc that were here when hubby bought the place 8 years ago -_- Hope you get your cooker sorted soon!

  20. Oh no……..hope you found your electrician. We had to replace the whole wiring system in our house which was painful and expensive

  21. ooh heck health and safety gone mad

  22. oh no! so frustrating! hope you get it sorted soon

  23. Ah, what a shame! If it’s any consolation, that is a very stylish oven you have yourself. So disappointing but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  24. cassfrugalfamily

    Aw that’s so frustrating x x

  25. Oh no, how frustrating! I hope you get it sorted very soon.

  26. Oh that’s very annoying! They could at least have put the old one back. I hope you can get it resolved quickly x

  27. What a monumental pisser! At last they left it in situ so you don’t have a gaping hole in your kitchen – you can look at it and appreciate its aesthetic values (pssst, it looks lovely and this rental slave is très jaloux)

  28. emmysmummy

    Oh no. That’s so unfair.
    Just teasing you. Hopefully it is sorted quickly

  29. winegumsx

    Gorgeous oven, such a shame you’ve had all these problems – hopefully once it’s working it will make up for it 🙂

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