Review – Vype Reload, rechargeable e-cigarette

I am not new to the e-cigarette, I have tried quite a few of them by now and so far I haven’t found the perfect one.

Vype reload is a bit different… just look at it…

Vype Reload

Vype reload for me is like a cross over between the disposable and the rechargeable e-cigarettes that I’ve used so far.
It is a rechargeable e-cigarette yet it comes in very small and neat packaging, which is a tremendous plus… as I not always have a space to carry a full size rechargeable e-cigarettes kit. I personally like the design of Vype reload, I like it a lot. It is much smaller and it fits in your pocket if needed. But not only the packaging is small and neat… the e-cigarette itself is smaller too; actually it is the same size as a real cigarette.
If you read any of my e-cigarette reviews that I have written before you will notice that I have always had a problem with them being too big and too heavy, Vype reload has resolved this problem and created something as close to a real cigarette as possible (size and weight wise).

Vype Reload and the other brands - check out the size difference

Vype Reload and the other brands – check out the size difference

But let’s take a step back for a minutes and start from the beginning.

So you buy yourself a Vype reload… what do you get?

  • One sleek and funky looking case
  • One USB charger
  • Two fully charged e-cigarettes (two batteries + two cartridges)
  • User instructions

inside your kit

This is pretty all you need to keep you going. You can purchase all of this for £14.99, which is a much lower price than other brands on the market.

Replacement cartridges start from £7.99 for 2 units… they have a savings offer… the more you buy the cheaper they get… to give you an example you can purchase 5 packs for £29.99, giving you a saving of almost £10.

This kit is easy to use and there is no need for any preparation before the first use. You get it and open it and you can vap away in no time.

What about the flavour?

My kit arrived with two classic flavour cartridges. Flavour wise they do resemble your standard cigarette, and strength wise they were spot on….

Vype offers 3 different flavours at this moment – Classic Bold, Classic Regular and Menthol.

In the past I struggled with different flavoured cartridges which were coming all in one shape and colour, with no markings to tell them apart… Vype resolved this problem as well… their cartridges have small coloured bands, which help you recognised which flavour is which.

I don’t use the Vype reload all the time, so I am unable to give my opinions about the battery and how long lasting it really is. For me the occasional use, it does the job well.

Final words about Vype reload

Nice looking kit at a low price. Realistic looking cigarette with perfect weight and coloured band on cartridges gets a thumb up from me.

All my earlier issues I had with e-cigarettes has been resolved, so it looks like I have no more excuses, just have to go vaping full time 😉

* I received one kit for free for review purpose. All opinions about the products are honest and my own.


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17 responses to “Review – Vype Reload, rechargeable e-cigarette

  1. Best of luck going full time with them!xx

  2. chloe

    looks interesting, hope you get on well with them 🙂 x

  3. I stopped smoking with e cigarettes, although I’m not a fan of those that look like real smokes I used the e-liquid ones. I’ve been stopped for over 6 months now =)

  4. I have never smoked, so I have never thought about E cigarettes. Good luck with them.

  5. Kim Carberry

    Oh wow! What a difference in size…..I have the Smoke Relief one!

  6. I have yet to try one of these substitutes – the trouble is that the outlay is rather much if one decides it simply is not to one’s taste.

  7. Wow very interesting – I have tried my sisters a few times but I gave up smoking for good last year and am not going back! (As much as I’d love too) 😉

  8. I used to be a smoker but gave up when I found out I was pregnant so it was easy. My sister uses the e cigs now and seems like she is forever buying top ups. These ones look like value for money!

  9. Looks like they worth reviewing for you:) All the best with them (perhaps I should leave the blog post open for hubby to find!!)

  10. I’ve never smoked and none of my friends do so I hadn’t realised that most ecigarettes are larger than a normal cigarette. I would have thought that was an immediate design requirement.

  11. Best of luck! Hope this works for you.

  12. Good luck with these, I’ve never smoked and haven’t thought about the design of e-cigarettes before.

  13. It was really cool to see the comparison between the different brands, I am using this at the moment well trying to, I really can’t stand the taste.



  14. I stopped smoking 4 years ago when I had a health scare. It would have been much easier if I’d have had one of these to help me! I hope it works for you 🙂

  15. Good luck! I have recently fallen off the wagon after a few years of not smoking, so am thinking vaping may be a good thing to try!

  16. Sab

    I have just purchased for my husband lets see how it work for him:-)

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