What’s in my gym bag?

I was asked to share with you what’s in my gym bag. A bit confusing as I do not use a gym bag, I use a backpack but I guess it is pretty much all the same and it doesn’t really matter what “tool” we use to carry things around.

Have a peak… this is my gym bag in all its glory…

What’s in my gym bag

When I venture into a gym not only do I use the cardio machines I also go swimming as well. I find swimming very relaxing and it is a perfect end to my workout. So my gym bag contains maybe a few more items that your standard gym bag should have.

Let’s have a closer look…

What’s in my gym bag Gym shoes

Oh yes, it is very important to have the right footwear. I actually do not think that my ones are an ideal gym shoes but they work for me. A bit higher than your standard trainer for that extra ankle support and of course they are a Gore-Tex type so my feet do not smell after hours of sweating on the bike or a treadmill.

What’s in my gym bag Gym clothing

I like things simple so all I take for a gym session is a pair of pants, T-shirt and a spare pair of socks (mainly because I normally like to wear colourful, silly socks and they just do not go with my gym outfit). I tend to stick with cotton clothing. I know that there are a lot of manmade fabrics which are supposed to be better for you that help you to sweat or not (depending on what you pick) but personally I just like to wear natural fibres like cotton.

What’s in my gym bag swimming pool essentials

As for the swimming component of my gym routine I will take a swimming costume, swimming cap and a pair of goggles. My sister thinks that I look silly in my swimming cap, but it helps to keep my hair under control and in a good condition. When I first started to swim after a month or so my hair was totally ruined… worse still there was nothing my hairdressers could do to fix it. She advised me to always wear a swimming cap and to use a deep conditioner afterwards, so this is what I do and so far no more hair problems. I do actually have a pair of flip-flops to go with these bits as well, but it seems that they are nowhere to be found… I guess they must be in the boot of the car which annoyingly is in London at this moment.

What’s in my gym bag After gym care

This is my small selection of items I take with me. I do not carry a shower gel, I use the one provided by the gym. I also do not need to carry any towels with me as they are also provided. I do however take my own shampoo and conditioner just to be on the safe side, and to keep my hair in check of course.

What’s in my gym bag After gym replenishments

The ubiquitous bottle of water, some fresh fruit and some kind of nutritional snack are must haves after a good workout. I always seem to feel hungry when I leave the gym so I never forget about something to eat and an extra drink. Having a good energy bar, protein bar or a fruit one afterwards can really make my tummy feel happier.

So this is what’s in my gym bag.

Do you have any gym essentials you wouldn’t want to leave behind?

Anything you think I should be taking that I currently am not?

* Post written in collaboration with MultiPower.com.


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22 responses to “What’s in my gym bag?

  1. Impressed – i don’t go to a gym :S no time – and when I HAVE time I tend to get a bit addicted and do too much !

  2. pixiemamablog

    I work out at home {we have an elliptical and kettle bells} so I don’t have to pack a bag!! Badly in need of some better trainers though!

  3. I wish I had the will power to get fit! I have to hang my head in shame and admit I’ve never been to the gym. I did look inside one once of that counts?

  4. novagirl291

    great tip about the swimming cap. I don’t visit a gym but do go swimming once a fortnight. Not had any ‘hair issues’ – well, none more than usual!

  5. If you ever get marooned on a desert island, have that with you!

  6. Oh I should start going to the gym.

  7. This is an interesting post. I’ve never been to a gym, I do go swimming though and usually just take shower gel with me. Might take my conditioners with me now, it makes sense what with all the chlorine! x

  8. Interesting post – never seen a what’s in my gym bag before 🙂 I’m too lazy to go to the gym aha x

  9. Amy

    I don’t put nearly as much effort into my gym bag but you’ve definitely inspired me to pack more things and make the experience nicer! Some Aussie deep treatment definitely sounds essential! Great post.

  10. Love your choices. I am starting a few classes and swimming once a week from september x

  11. I love Aussie shampoo ad conditioner – I long to start swimming again, without small people in tow

  12. I love the Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner! x

  13. Oh gosh, it’s a good job I am too lazy for the gym, I am far too disorganised to have such an array of things with me!

  14. I’ve never been to the gym or eaten an energy bar! You have a very organised bag though 🙂

  15. I am not a gym user, I am totally useless at exercise 🙂 x

  16. Those are lovely equipment for gym. I actually go to the gym a few months and been planning for next week. I’ve been busy for two weeks.. You just made me motivate to workout 😉

  17. I haven’t been to the gym in ages but this post is certainly making me want to go back! x

  18. Kizzy Bass

    I need to start at the gym again!

  19. i wish i could get so motivated to go to the gym

  20. gosh I don’t think I’ve been to a gym in 5 years! well done x

  21. I love these kinds of posts… Always enjoy peeking into other peoples bags haha… My gym bag doesnt have much, but thats because I dont go to the gym LOL!

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