Out With The Old… In With The New! – Let there be light!

Out With The Old… In With The New Banner

Furniture Choice is currently running a pretty cool blogger competition. They will award £500 to one lucky winner to spend on any item / items they want from their website. All you have to do is to blog what and why you need it.

As our house is still a “work in progress” I couldn’t just walk away from the chance of getting something new replaced in our home.

Having had a very long browsing session through their website I settled on giving some love to our kitchen. Our kitchen needs replacing as a whole but we made a partial make-over a few years back by restoring all the units. We removed the wall between the kitchen and the dinner room creating a lovely open plan space. It looks good and we are pleased with it except for one small corner…

Out With The Old

We do not use this door into the conservatory simply because on the other side of it is a huge dog bed. This set up although not ideal, works for us… all we have to do is to walk a few steps further and enter the conservatory via the old dining room double doors. Using the space the way we are also gives us much needed storage space… but as you can see from the attached picture not a pretty one 😦 We have a long standing plan to replace those cheap units, which originally (years back) were in the office, with something much more stylish and that match the rest of the room. Our final goal is ideally to replace all the kitchen cabinets with oak ones so my pick from Furniture Choice seems to be the perfect dream match, which will stand up to our future, long term plans.

Behold Michigan Oak 2 Door Sideboard

In With The New

Pretty isn’t it?

I really think this is the perfect piece of furniture for us, being much lower (only 80cm) than our current furnishing in this corner will allow all the light usually blocked by the units to flow into the kitchen. I can visualise this set up in my head and I am sure it would be lovely.

Out With The Old… In With The New

What do you think? Will it work as well as I am imagining it?


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21 responses to “Out With The Old… In With The New! – Let there be light!

  1. I like it, it looks like “home” and has a warm color, a little like honey :o)

  2. I love selling my pre-loved items.so i can enjoy more new things! It’s more fun to upgrade and update your home to your current mindset or life stage, and it’s more practical to let go of old items to enjoy new ones!

  3. I love that furniture! It looks simple but functional. I’m sure it’s roomy too!

  4. Aby

    the furniture is perfect for the kitchen.. it will look nice!

    – from gig

  5. I think it looks great, but I don’t think all your stuff will fit in.
    let have 2 furniture hehe
    gig love

  6. wow! It’s perfect for what you’ve imagine dear 🙂 thanx for sharing 🙂


  7. I like the cabinet. It looks good and it’s very functional. 🙂

  8. I really like your old cabinet! I’m looking for something like that for my bedroom. I’m also in need of something new.
    I’m not sure if everything will fit in well though for a kitchen. Unless it has shelves inside.

  9. You might need a bigger cabinet soon, but this is good for a start! hope you get it! 🙂

  10. love the new cabinet,it’s more modern and clean

  11. that is a great cabinet *.* im in need of more storage for my flat

  12. Love the 2 door cabinet. It’s sleek and functional. And it would suit your kitchen perfectly. ❤

  13. I’m an architect and interior design so I always have fun when I see how people can be creative and just their places very simply. Good work!

  14. Wow that’s great! I love the idea 😀 and i love your new cabinet heh

  15. I love the idea of your new cabinet. That looks great.


  16. Ari

    I think that’s a great choice! Plus, the more light that enters the home, the better. Good luck and hope you win!

  17. Beauty Blogette

    It really is pretty and I am sure that it will work. 🙂

  18. that’s a really pretty cabinet – hope it is big enough 🙂

  19. This is a beautiful cabinet, really contemporary and should last a long time. Also a great improvement!

  20. What a great choice! You’re giving me the serious urge to redecorate and reorganize starting with my kitchen! ❤ GIGLove

  21. I am sure it will look well ! But isnt the cupboard is rather small compared to the old one ?

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