Shed me happy, please

We all have hobbies and things we love to do, we Mark loves to cook, especially using our BBQ or a smoker (I crossed out the “we” as I am more of an eating than the cooking type).

Most people use their BBQ in summer when the weather is nice and they have a bunch of friends over, we use it all year round. Mark would love to take his BBQ skills to the next level and he has already catered for 50 guests. All this is good but being a huge BBQ buff means a lot of accessories, tools and extras which you wouldn’t even imagine. Our kitchen is drowning in wood flakes needed to achieve smoke, different racks, 100s of spices necessary for mixing to create the perfect rub depending on the cut and type of meat or fish we are cooking and tons of other things which apparently are essential must haves, I don’t complain though as usually what comes out at the end of the process is mouth-wateringly awesome. All this stuff though which is used solely whilst BBQ-ing all take up valuable space.

Shed me happy, please - our BBQs

Two different types of BBQ require a double amount of accessories, apparently. Very often a rack which can be used on our open top BBQ is not suitable for the closed up smoker, so we need two of them… and the story continues…

Shed me happy, please - accessories

Accessories, tools and all those additional things needed for a good BBQ is one thing, the other problem is a prep area. Our kitchen is not huge and at times we really struggle to find enough space to do all that needs to be done.

So I plea to Best Sheds: please shed me happy to save my sanity and my kitchen from being overrun by BBQ accessories and help us create an outdoor prep and storage area.

Shed me happy, please - Dream Shed

The 5×4 Pent Shed would be perfect for us. It is not too big, so it will easily fit in our back garden and it is not too small, so there will be enough room for a small prep area and a lot of storage.

And you know what? If we win we might even prepare a nice BBQ for your arrival, so you can have a nice nosh up whilst delivering the shed 🙂

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36 responses to “Shed me happy, please

  1. What a great idea! A BBQ heaven. 😀

    We just sold our BBQ… it was amazing, but sadly too amazing. There’s only two (humans) of us, and we had the most massive BBQ ever… and a the poor thing hadn’t been used in over 2 years (we’ve instead been getting those little disposable BBQ trays) we thought it was time to let it go to someone that would use it. Buyer got a great deal, and our BBQ went to a family of 5 – so hopefully getting plenty of use. 😀

    However, we’re now considering building a small brick BBQ. Or maybe even just building something that LOOKS fancy, and we can just cheat and stick one of the disposable trays in it. Hahahahaha.

  2. The word BBQ alone has me dreaming of summer and a yummy BBQ’d dinner! I hope you win the shed you want.

  3. Good luck, I would be happy too when you will win! I agree with you, I like to eat the bbq-products, but the cooking is not my part :o)

  4. Who doesn’t love a bbq?! You definitely do need somewhere to put everything outside of the house though! Good luck 🙂

  5. Shed love here! Good luck x

  6. Oh god, BBQs are literally my weakness! I look forward to them every summer when we dig out our old grill and give it an airing. Hope you win the competition! X

  7. Best wishes! We need a shed to.

  8. we have a bbq set but it never been used, well it was as a magazine rack

  9. We love a BBQ! Good luck in the comp

  10. Nothing better than a good BBQ, I think my other half is the same he’d happily have a one on christmas day!

  11. Bring on the BBQs!! I love BBQ weather and food!

  12. savvywendy

    Good luck. BBQ are great aren’t they ?

  13. I love BBQs – the food and even that lovely summery smell. Hope you get your wish!

  14. Emily

    Good luck! It sounds like you really need it.

  15. good luck and fingers crossed for you to win it!

  16. Hahaha the use of the word ‘bbq’ has restored my faith that Summer is on the way! Fingers crossed for you to win xxx

  17. My husband has just built himself a new shed, he loves it!

  18. Cant wait to get the bbq out .x

  19. pixiemamablog

    so glad bbq season is almost upon us!

  20. Oooh my hubby would love a smoker! Come to think of it he’d love a man shed too 🙂

  21. Was that an invite to yours for the Bank Holiday then?

  22. Good luck! I can’t wait for the BBQ to come out x

  23. You definitely deserve the shed as it looks like the accessories need a new home. I know someone who cooks their Christmas turkey on the BBQ every year as it doesn’t fit in their oven! Has your OH tackled the Christmas lunch on the BBQ yet? 🙂

  24. Good luck, we could do with a new shed too x

  25. Good luck, hope you win!

  26. Kizzy Bass

    I’d love a shed in our garden

  27. Ooooo La La… My dad is having a new shed put in, in time for summer! They are so handy! Best of luck hunny!

    Lotte xo
    Berice Baby – London Lifestyle and Kids Fashion Blogger

  28. oh if it was my husbands choice ad av ten shed sin my garden lol, x

  29. Oh looks fab – good luck, hope you win! x

  30. Good luck with the shed, I really hope you win! x

  31. We need a new shed too – its literally falling apart. Good Luck

  32. Hubby’s going to build a brick BBQ for us next year. He does all the cooking on it, which sounds like we BBQ a lot but in truth it’s maybe a couple of times a year! Good luck, I hope you win 🙂

  33. Good luck – I would love something like this as a playhouse for the kids

  34. i live in tropical county and I have BBQ all the time but I prefer to have it outside so i dont need to clean up the mess!

  35. Good luck! We are in need of a new shed.x

  36. I’d love a new shed…but I know if I had one it would be filled within hours with bits and bobs! Your BBQ sounds delicious though…. Now I’m hungry!

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