Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

“Sometimes life seems like a dark tunnel with no light at the end,

but if you just keep moving forward,

you will end up in a better place.”
Jeffrey Fry

Weekly Photo Challenge On The Move

Challenge set by The Daily Post



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6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

  1. Perfect quote for the photograph and vice versa. Everything negative eventually passes if you hang on :0)

  2. I completely agree.. there will always be set backs but keep on moving forward and things will get better.

  3. Lovely photograph and a great quote.
    A quote that can be applied to so many things in life!


  4. Lovely photo for the challenge and the quote is so true.

  5. I was wondering what happened to last week’s challenge and found it here… I miss them so much and nee to start doing them again.

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