Gaming today is not just a joystick

Gaming today is not just a joystick

The world of gaming has changed, gone are the dark days where only acne covered teenagers who tended to scream loudly when exposed to sunlight. In these times a gaming console or a PC catered for the person sat in front of it and no-one else, sure a fellow gamer could be tempted to stop for a moment and watch over your shoulder as you attempted the impossible on screen but otherwise interaction was minimalistic to say the least. As PC’s became more powerful the software could cope with executing the game programme as well as chat to other computers wired to it, this was the birth of the LAN (Local Area Network). The games tried but usually failed to give an immersive and engaging game for multiple players. Then they worked out that many, mainly men, liked to shoot their friends virtually so then the attention of the programmers turned to networking and using the new invention of the internet. At this point in history the consoles started to acknowledge that the future was in multiple player games. The advent of Multiple Online Role Playing Games sealed the deal.

In this 21st century and digitally enlightened time the world of gaming is coveted from cradle to the grave. There are platforms out there specifically designed to entice portions of the populous who just a few years ago would have scoffed at the very notion.

Couple this with the fact that as every day passes even more households gain access to high speed digital internet access and we have the modern gaming world. Millions of people log onto games across the globe every day often spending more time in the company of their digital friends than their real life ones. The gaming industry as a whole now challenges the income potential of film and cinema. World championship competitions are now common, million pound prizes often up for grabs if you are indeed the best of the best.

All this development and emergence of new playing styles and formats has led to an explosion in the peripherals market. To give you an edge in battle, to speed up the process of data entry or just to be able to communicate swiftly with your digital friends. As anyone who has tried to use the chat on a PS3 will know, the recipient will have aged by the time you have typed your message using their built in letter selection box. One of the first peripherals I bought was a clip on bluetooth keypad that just clicks onto the handset; it was a vast improvement to what I had. Next thing that came was the headset allowing me to talk to the rest of the team I was with as we set off to save the universe… again. Now, I am planning on getting a new controller, something much more ergonomic which will allow me to play in comfort for longer. I like GC-1 pad made by Gioteck. It is ergonomically designed with anti-slip rubber grips and it looks cool too!

These are just some of an almost infinite number of things you can buy now to enhance your gaming experience. It is a golden time for birthday presents and Xmas gifts with so many options there is always something for someone.

Currently I play Final Fantasy XIV. It is a beautiful and well design game which β€œsucks” you in for hours at the time… but it is the way I / we like to spend our free time so do not judge us to quick.

Are you a fan of online gaming?

If so, what are yours must have peripherals these days?

* Post written in collaboration with Gioteck.


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30 responses to “Gaming today is not just a joystick

  1. I love Plants vs. Zombies, I only need my mouse. Hope that counts for online gaming too lol :o)

  2. My son will love this post so much, I will be showing him this when he gets in xx

  3. oooh you know what, i used to love playing on ps altime but gave in when the lads got so competitive lol, i did find myself playing on it with y son last night on little planet racing lol, was fun x

  4. We have just bought turtle beach headsets for the boys!

  5. My son loves Minecraft at the moment and my boyfriend enjoys GTA on PS3 but I only play puzzle/word games on the iPad now and again.

  6. The only game I’ve ever been interested in playing was The Sims on PC. I played that from age 11 and to be honest if I wasn’t so busy these days I’d love to be playing it right now πŸ™‚

  7. I have never tried online gaming and must admit am not really a fan. I really don’t know how I am going to keep up when J is a teenager!

  8. My son loves gaming. He is a big COD fan. He was looking at the Gioteck website the other day actually

  9. cassfrugalfamily

    My two are very into Minecraft at the minute – it’s amazing how serious they take it!

  10. pixiemamablog

    My husband is a gamer… doesn’t appeal to be though!

  11. I’ve never tried online gaming as I already spend far too much of my free time looking at screens!

  12. We are not a gaming family at all. Although hubby plays cricket on his phone x

  13. My husband plays but I am clueless and to be honest, awful! I remember trying to play Tomb Raider on my PC in law school and I couldn’t even get out of the first screen… The shame of it :/ My boys are much better than me!

  14. OMG never seen a PS controller like that! I used to find the old controllers too complex… My sons put me to shame though with self programmed “Hot Keys” on their keyboards for rapid execution of single or sequence events. Most impressive!

    • Oh yes, gamers will do what they can to speed things up…
      We actually wrote our first ever game macro few days ago… we had a lot of crafting to do so it was really helpful

  15. My partner is into the Xbox, I have never really got into gaming.


  16. I don’t play much. We do have a Kinect which is a great gadget and we always have a good giggle playing but nothing serious x

  17. I leave my game playing to the kids. We did buy our teen a gaming chair which vibrates and has sounds.

  18. Muslim Mummy

    I used to love playing games….have a wii currently….but just dont seem to find the time to play them! Stick to things like candy crush on the phone!!

  19. It’s just taking me so long to google (I had dream cast in my mind) but I used to love Phantasy Star Online. I have to admit we’ve moved further and further away from the games console. As the children get older I am sure it will come back with vengeance!

  20. I can’t play the XBox to save my life, much to my sons chagrin. I try to make a character move and it just turns around and squats like it’s trying to do a poo πŸ˜‰ I to love game on my mobile though, candy crush and that sort of thing.

  21. We are a gaming household and have almost every console available……personally the only games i enjoy are the Kinect type games

  22. I don’t do online gaming but my husband and i have just bought an xbox and we love to play racing games and golf against each other. We are very competitive πŸ˜‰ x

  23. we don’t have any as my boyfriend is not into games but I’m sure my son will be one of these days! x

  24. We don’t really have any games in our house but I once had a boyfriends who had EVERYTHING! It was like living in a gaming store! x

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