Who / What Am I? 23/05

Good evening everyone,

I hope you are all well and ready for the weekend.

We will have a busy one if everything goes according to plan. Remember our leak? Yes, I know it was almost 6 months ago, but we have finally got the ceiling sorted out so now it is time to paint the room and bring it back to its former glory… so for me it will be a DIY weekend… unless I get distracted of course… I really miss the spare bedroom and would love to have the full use of it yet again, so wish me luck and will power to get this job done…

Last weeks’ picture of a “hairy monster” didn’t have even one correct answer.

Quite a few of you thought that it was a koala bear, which is close… at least whilst taking geographic location into consideration 😉

Last week picture was a funky kangaroo!

Who What Am I answer to 16 05Who What Am I cut out answer to 16 05

Did you know that:
Kangaroos can hop around quickly on two legs or walk around slowly on all four.
Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.
Kangaroos can jump very high, sometimes three times their own height.
Kangaroos can swim.
Baby kangaroos are known as ‘joeys’.
A group of kangaroos is called a ‘mob’, ‘troop’ or ‘court’?*

Interesting facts aren’t they? I like searching the net for funky info like this.

This week shot is a bit mouthy 🙂

Who / What Am I?

Who what am I 23 05

Have a great weekend everyone!


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18 responses to “Who / What Am I? 23/05

  1. Mahala

    yes, I agree – a seal’s mouth. Love those little whiskers

  2. cassfrugalfamily

    Agree – a seals cute little face

  3. Seal? Otherwise your doggie – Bunk!!

  4. That’s not dogs teeth, so much by a seal x

  5. I’ll have to go with seal also-but for some reason my first impression was a gorilla!

  6. no idea, whatever it is it looks like its not happy!

  7. Well I thought animal mouth but couldn’t work out what type of animal. Now I have seen other comments I am going to say seal’s mouth too!

  8. Some sort of animals mouth – I have no idea what kind though lol x

  9. MzBaker

    I have no idea what that mouth is lmao it reminds me of my dog though, he’s always showing his bottom teeth when he sits pretty lol

  10. i believe this one is an ape or a monkey. 🙂

  11. I think it looks like a gorilla?

  12. I think it’s some sort of ape or monkey

  13. pixiemamablog

    my first thought was a monkey!

  14. Thanks for the trivia 🙂 I learn something new, I didn’t know that they can swim.

  15. This one is quite difficult as it does looks liked a dog’s mouth but also looks like a donkey!

  16. Initially i thought some sort of ape, but the more i look the more i agree with some of the others that it’s a seal! xxx

  17. What a lovely idea this blog is – I never knew kangaroos could not walk backwards but it makes sense with those great big hind legs. I am going to guess your mystery mouth is a seal.

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