Aviva Stress Less Challenge: Week 2


I think the fact that I am taking part in this challenge is stressing me a bit. On one hand I have fantastic tips to follow which are supposed to help me be less stressed but on the other hand… I am stressing about whether I am not so stressed…

Does it make any sense?

I hope it does.

Anyway, I am on week 2 of my challenge and I have all the tips which are coming my way.

On my first week I received 3 tips:

Work-life balance from Dr Doug

“You say that the best thing about your job is not having a boss but actually you sound like you have a very demanding boss who wants you to do lots of things – you! You put pressure on yourself to do everything. Try to remember everything does not have equal importance rather than thinking everything has to be done.  Make sure that what you have on your to-do lists are things which you have to do – this helps reduce the list and pressure. Overall, it sounds that whilst you report high levels of stress, in many ways this is your normal state – consider whether you really want to make significant changes if this has always been the case”.

Wellbeing from Dr Doug

“Sleep is essential to help you be better prepared to tackle stress. Prepare yourself for  a good night’s sleep by having some relaxing time before bed. Avoid anything which makes your mind active such as online gaming and turn off your laptop or mobile devices so they don’t distract you from slumber”.

Diet from Paddy

“To get extra portions of your 5 a day in your diet, try different vegetarian dishes. Roasted vegetables are a great accompaniment to any meal you make, just chop up your favourite vegetables, add some seasoning and herbs of your choice and put in the oven until cooked. Try changing the seasoning for added variety”.

So what do I think about my week one tips?

Diet tip is a bit to sketchy for me. I think on most days I do get 5 a day and I do not agree that roasted vegetables go with any meal… Yes, I know I am hard to please…

… However I must agree with Dr Doug, especially regarding my sleep routine. Normally I would go to bed and then play a puzzle game or a round of scrabble, which is not helping me to calm down and more importantly keeping my brain activities quiet… therefore I wanted to follow this tip religiously so I decided it was time for a change: no mobiles allowed in or near the bed; to my surprise it really helps. Now instead of staring at my mobile I will have a “quiet” conversation with Mark (he always asks me why am I shouting when he is right next to me) and just drift off. It is much easier now to fall asleep.

I received 4 more tips for week two, which are actually quite interesting… The diet tip from Paddy is definitely my favourite one, but let me try them out for a week and I will tell you all about them in seven days’ time.

For now… stay calm and #stressless!

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16 responses to “Aviva Stress Less Challenge: Week 2

  1. Interesting. I’m with you on the roasted veg, plus they take ages to cook compared with steaming or boiling!

    I’m bad as I tend to have mobile and tablet next to me which is meant to be really bad for sleep. But my average time to fall asleep is 5-6 minutes (I use my Fitbit to check), and I sleep really well (although do have too many late nights and too many early wake ups from my 3yo!)

  2. Pretty good tips i’d say although I’m in agreement with you about the roasted vegetables. I find raw vegetables go with most meals at this time of year.

  3. Good tips, what a great challenge to be part of x

  4. These sound like good tips – especially the one about you needing to be softer on yourself. I think we could all take notice of that sometimes. Good luck with it all – and don’t let the challenge itself stress you out!

  5. Oh my – I could certainly do with some stress relief! Will follow your journey for some more de-stressing tips 🙂
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  6. These are all great tips. Eating well and getting enough sleep helps me deal with stress. You are right being your own boss is tough, we often put too much pressure on ourselves!

  7. Very uplifting post , I wish I can work on my own no boss. It would be less stress I think if you are self employed. For now life has to go on and trying to live each day.

  8. Some really great tips I would love to reduce my stress levels! Thanks for posting 🙂

  9. VaiChin

    That bit about work-life balance makes so much sense. I think us mummy bloggers are such hard task-masters!

  10. savvywendy

    These sounds like good tips , thank you for sharing. I need to de-stress going through a stressful time at the moment x

  11. I once had a boss who would get so stressed by too many things to do, he would start spinning in circles and get nothing accomplished. I had to grab him by the elbow and tell him “Make a list, prioritize, and start with number one”
    I find list making to be a good thing, it’s satisfying to cross things off and when something gets pushed to the bottom of the list, I stop feeling guilty for not getting it done.

  12. Very interesting post, I am a stress head .x

  13. I love these tips. I may not be able to do all of them but I am with the sleep. I can now sleep earlier than usual. I used to have problems with my insomnia. SO now, I am happy.

  14. Great tips. I always need to remind myself to sleep more as I can’t function properly on the amount I get. x

  15. StephsTwoGirls

    Good tips. I need to have less stress over blog writing though!! Am looking forward to the next tips 🙂

  16. I keep it a routine to serve vegetables in every meal as much as possible. Really helps in everyday diet. great tips!


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