Dyson helping you to battle allergens #NoHiddenDust

There are a lot of things in the world to get excited about; I had no idea that a vacuum cleaner could be one of them until I “met” Dyson Cinetic.

Dyson Cinetic

First of all it is a stunning looking machine; build on a ball technology it looks like no other vacuum cleaner. Its design reminds me of a high end sports car engine. It is something you really don’t want to hide in your under stair cupboard.

Secondly and this is the more important part it can help you battle the allergens from your home… you know all the nasty dust mites, pollen and mould… Did you ever imagine that a vacuum cleaner will help you with your allergies?

Dyson is the only vacuum cleaner manufactures which has a fully-equipped in house microbiology lab, which enables them to develop healthier and more hygienic appliances. This means that they are better equipped to deal with the nasties that lurk in our carpets and furniture.

Did you know that an average bed has up to 3 million dust mites? But they live not only in your bed mattress… they live in your carpet, pillows, soft furnishing and all the soft toys your child loves so much, oh and let’s not forget about all the makeup brushes and eyes shadow applicators… We can follow a few easy steps to reduce the dust mite population:

  • Vacuum your mattress regularly in order to pick up dry skin cells and dust mite faeces (Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are all approved by the Allergy Foundation so you know they will “eat” it up).
  • Replace your pillows at least once a year.
  • Do not make your bed straight after you get up; let it cool down a bit.
  • Wash all bedding on 60 degree cycle (or higher) as dust mites can’t survive extreme temperatures.
  • Freeze your child soft toys and your beloved makeup brushes. Again extreme temperatures will kill dust mites and freezing instead of washing will help you to preserve the original shape of the toy.

Another allergen which is very common is pollen. This is the one which is making me cry like a baby sometimes… sometimes my morning walk with the dogs suddenly becomes a nightmare: red puffy eyes, tears everywhere and all I can do is sneeze… and then sneeze some more… You would think that the pollen problem is restricted to the outside, but it is not. We bring it indoors on our clothing and shoes or it simply gets in once you open the window. Again there are some tips we can follow in order to minimize pollen impact on our everyday life:

  • Keep your lawn short; it will prevent any grass from flowering, which means reducing pollen count.
  • Try not to dry your clothes outside when the pollen count is high especially in the morning and early evening.
  • Airing the house is very important but again let’s try to avoid high pollen times.

Last but not least there is the problem of pets. Did you know that is it actually the dog or cat saliva which makes you sneeze rather than the fur itself? This explains a few things… normally I have no problems with pets as you would expect from someone who owns four of them but every now and then after a cuddling session especially with Bunk I get a huge rash on my hands. I had already noticed that this is happening after he licks me but I never put these two things together… the rash goes away within 30 minutes or so, but it is very itchy and it doesn’t look good at all. Just like with the nasties above, when it comes to pet allergies there are certain things that we can do to help reduce any occurrences:

  • Groom your pet regularly. You can try a vacuum grooming tool to make this job easier.
  • Wash any dog bedding on 60 degree cycle.
  • Vacuum your house as often as possible, to remove all the loose hair containing pet saliva.

These three allergens as stated above are causing a lot of problems, but as much as we would like to we are not able to get rid of them… we can only reduce them. Mould is the one which we can and should try to eliminate completely. Mould can lead to watery and itchy eyes and runny noses, this is one kind type of mould, but some of them can be toxic and are really harmful so we should get rid of mould as soon as we spot any… or even better do not allow any mould to grow in our house in the first place. Keeping your house clean and dry will help you battle mould.

So now that you know what is lurking in your house, how do you feel about it? My reaction was:

Dyson #NoHiddenDust

Scary stuff isn’t it?

Anyway, Dyson can help you fight all of these.

I do not own one but I would love to. I had a chance to see it in action and experience its full power.

We tested how Dyson and other vacuum cleaner will perform when picking up some baking powder from a high gloss shiny surface… have a look at the final effect…

Dyson Baking Powder Test

Dyson ate it all, leaving a clean surface behind whilst the competitor vacuum smudged the baking powder all over the floor… I can assume a similar effect whilst dealing with dust mites for example.

I have a short video I took while we were testing the Dyson Cinetic abilities over and over again… it is a bit wobbly at times but it shows you clearly that there is no safe place for the dust (or baking powder in this case) to hide.

If you are in need of a new vacuum you might want to consider the Dyson Cinetic. Its technology is like no other and I am sure it will serve you well… after all Dyson made 2000 prototypes whilst creating this stunning machine.

It is not cheap but you will get 5 years parts and labour guarantee and no need for bags, no loss of suction and no filter fuss! I am adding one to my Wish List. With all the pets in the house I could really do with a vacuum cleaner which doesn’t get blocked by dog hairs every 2 minutes.

Do you have any experience with a Dyson vacuum?

Did you know that they can help to battle allergens?

* Pictures in this post were taken by A. Sherratt and they all belong to Dyson Ltd.
The wobbly video is my own 🙂
I was invited by Dyson to attend bloggers event in London.
I was not paid to write this post but I received a goodie bag.


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44 responses to “Dyson helping you to battle allergens #NoHiddenDust

  1. pixiemamablog

    great tips!!! My mum has a dyson and it’s fab x

  2. My sister has a dyson and loves it!

  3. These look great, I totally want one for my house!

  4. My friend has a Dyson and she loves it. Yup, I knew it helps get dust out of the air.

  5. Emily

    I’d love a Dyson but my current Hoover doesn’t look set to die anytime soon.

  6. I hear Dyson vaccum cleaners are the best. Once my current beat up one dies, I might look into getting a Dyson.

  7. my husband suffers from all sorts of allergies, one of them is on dust, it would be so nice if one day we can afford Dyson

  8. We bought a 2nd hand Dyson from a friend and couldn’t believe how much dirt it picked up! So much more than any other hoover we have tried x

  9. It’s just dawned on me that I’ve become a housewife…sad times…I loved the video…! I’m off to hoover my home- with my DYSON- they are amazeballs! x

  10. i have always been a dyson fan but have gone off them of late so its nice to see that they are improving again 🙂

  11. I’ve heard good things about Dyson! We just got rid of most of our carpet but if we have carpeting in the next house I”ll have to keep Dyson in mind!

  12. We have an older dyson and it’s fab!

  13. I have a normal Dyson and it does do a great job already but this one looks super-duper! 🙂

  14. We’ve had a number of Dyson’s but they always broke after a few months so now we stopped buying them. Would love to know how much this cost.

  15. Some great tips.we haven’t got a dyson, but my dad gets so excited over there’s!

  16. I LOVE my Dyson! I really couldn’t live without it anymore!

  17. I really do need one of these Dyson vacuum cleaners-between my cat’s fur and pollen and dust—–achoo!!

  18. My hoover has just broken 😦 I would love a dyson…everyone says they are amazing!

  19. Ooooh a new Dyson. Yes our first Dyson was an allergy one as I suffer from asthma. We currently have a ball and I love it. But this new one — ooooh.

  20. Muslim Mummy

    Some great tips…hubby has some kind of allergy…havent worked out yet if its the cat, pollen or dust…… the dyson sounds ideal to have

  21. We had a dyson for 14 years, but couldn’t afford to replace it. I( am currently listing after a new one, especially after an incident with cornflour this morning!

  22. you know what i have never had a dyson i love my hover too much to part with it

  23. I swear by my Dyson wouldn’t be without it does such a great job 🙂 s

  24. We used to have a dyson and weren’t very impressed with it – went back to good old henry! But it looks like the times are a changin’ and the new models look fantastic! Wish there was a try before you buy service

  25. Thanks for all of the great tips on eliminating allergens!

  26. We were going to buy Dyson but then changed our mind. The brand we bought is as good as Dyson though.

  27. emilyroemmich

    I have always wanted a Dyson!! One day!

  28. MzBaker

    I haven’t ever tried one them before.

  29. I have wanted a dyson so bad for so long but they are so expensive that I just stick with the cheapest one I can find at Target.

  30. I loves this little machine ! it was great to meet you as well !

  31. Once you try a Dyson you never go back! I swear by mine and I should know, I have one in England and one in Canada!
    Also I always leave the bedcovers pulled back in the mornings to air the bed – humans lose up to a litre of moisture a night through sweat.

  32. I have had Dyson for years. My son took it when he moved to his flat and he is still using it. I bought a new one and think that it’s even better. I would never go back to using any other vacuum cleaner. Their after sales service is also very good.

  33. Thank you for these awesome tips, I didn’t think about freezing my kids toy or my make up brush will kill the dust mites. Now I know what to do next time. I usually wash the toys with soaps but this tips comes handy and very easy to do.

  34. It would be nice to own one. We have a kirby vacuum, it works great but this dyson seems to be more good when it comes to cleaning the carpet.

  35. I have asthma, eczema and allergies, so this would be perfect for me. I know these things lurk in the gorgeous deep piled carpets of even the cleanest homes, and I have always rated dyson – best vacuum available IMO
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  36. I couldn’t be without my Dyson now. Didn’t know about this particular product, but sounds brilliant for people with allergies.

  37. I have OCD over my floors and love to clean them up to 5 times a day. i would love a Dyson. x

  38. I adore my Dyson – we have the DC59 and its great for grabbing and hoovering up after the kids

  39. I would love a dyson, my friends who have them swear by them! x

  40. OOH! I dont have a Dyson, but my mum always had one. I didnt realise it helped battle allergies – I have dust allergies so that is great news 🙂

    I would love to try one of these out and see if it works!

  41. We are such an allergy family – I would love one of these. Dyson vacuums are known as “carpet killers” though, suction isn’t everything :S

  42. I am hearing about the new Dyson vacuum cleaner. I am planning to replace our old vacuum.

    Mhar Mg

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