Buyagift Pet Selfie Competition #PetSelfie

pet selfie competition from Buyagift

Following the massive success of the Buyagift Next Pet Model competition last year, they are now on the hunt for the furry king or queen of the pet selfie!

This time around Buyagift have teamed up with two UK based animal charities: Angels Animal Rescue and Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

Between 3rd June – 3rd July, your furry fashionistas will be given the chance to be the next Kim Kar-dachshund or up and coming Mirranda Purr – and all you need to do is send in a pet selfie! The competition is open to all animals, Buyagift are ultimately on the lookout for the most camera friendly companions. However, greater kudos will be given to creative snaps – the funnier and more inventive the better – and more likely to be chosen as the overall winner!

pet selfie competition

How will the competition work?

You must become a fan of Buyagift on Facebook.

Upload your pet selfie to their Facebook page using this app (or email it directly to

You must provide a pet name and a sentence or two about them.

On 24th June, Buyagift will select ten furry semi-finalists to be uploaded to their Facebook page.

The five with the most ‘likes’ will be sent over to the guys at Angels and Wood Green, The Animals Charity – they will judge the ultimate winner.

The winner and runner up will be announced on July 10th.

The prizes?

  • A great selection of goodies from the Buyagift range of pet gifts
  • £1000 from Buyagift to split between charities
  • A luxury pet pamper day
  • The opportunity to become the furry face of Buyagift pet gifts

I love the idea of this competition, so from now on I am on the hunt for the perfect shot of my furry friends.

If you want to take part in this competition please remember it opens on 03/06 and it will run for the whole month until 03/07.

Good Luck!

#PetSelfie... Point and Click Pfff! Just Click!

#PetSelfie… Point and Click
Pfff! Just Click!

* Please follow the link for full Terms & Conditions


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7 responses to “Buyagift Pet Selfie Competition #PetSelfie

  1. I love this! I love amusing pet pictures! (Loving the last picture of the cat!)

  2. to see all those great selfie’s is a win too :o)

  3. Haha love the last pic of the cat! I can’t be creative with my goldfish sadly so wont be entering ; (

  4. I loved this until i read “most likes”. So its a votes competition, they always go wrong.

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