Losing the battle… with pegs

Losing the battle.... with pegs

Ok guys, I am losing the battle with pegs and I really need some help and advice before I will go totally mental here.

The weather has turned nice over the last few days so all washing goes outside, which I totally love. What can be better that the smell of freshly laundry drying outside? For someone like me who has a bit of OCD when it comes to washing it can be the highlight of the day. But these last few days all my pleasure which I would normally get from doing washing and putting in on the line is taken away by pegs!

They break!

I must have broken 50 of them in the last two days alone!

It is driving me mad!

I need my pegs to keep my washing secure on the line and all they are doing is falling apart in my hands.

I need more pegs!

So yesterday I went to the town in search of some replacements but all I could see are the same flimsy plastic pegs which I already have and which are now taking over my dustbin as so many have broken in half.

I have considered wooden ones but don’t they make dirty marks on your whites after a while?

So please speak to me about your pegs if you own some you would recommend.

Mark thinks that I am totally mad blogging about the cloths pegs but it is a big deal to me! … He also thinks I should bring them in on a night time when I have finished with them, as he blames the weather… I’m not convinced.

Summer is upon us and I will need a bucket load of them and for this moment I have almost none.

I need more pegs and I need them now.

So please help a girl in need and tell me where I can get some pegs which will last at least a season… and hopefully two.

My pegs graveyard

My pegs graveyard


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18 responses to “Losing the battle… with pegs

  1. same here, they break without a reason altough they are storaged inside. I bought pegs what are made from a softer material, by now they work :o)

  2. Tesco do some fab ones that are plastic but a little more sturdy xx

  3. saetana

    I’d recommend EcoForce – I won some in a competition about a year ago and not one has broken (they don’t have metal springs). They are hurricane strength as well so no problems when its windy ;o)

  4. Oh god I remember as a child my mum had the wooden pegs and they were a nightmare, then she got plastic ones which used to fling themselves off the washing x

  5. The wooden ones, washed periodically in need, are still the only real answer. They hardly ever need washing, though, if they are brought inside and not left on the line when not in use.

  6. We have the same problem, they’ve become brittle in the sun. Might have to switch to wooden ones

  7. Kim Carberry

    I have the same problem…..I just keep buying more and more of them. Not a solution but I have found the wooden one’s to leave marks.

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