Kitchen Storage Solution – Addis Clip & Close Food Containers

Addis Clip & Close Small Round Food Container

Every kitchen needs some special food containers, no matter how careful we try to be there are always some leftovers which need storing, but the food containers are not just for leftovers, are they?

Food manufacturers try to aid us with storage but their ideas aren’t always up to the task.

Have you ever bought a packed ham or a pack of sliced cheese in a “resealable” packaging? Did it work for you? As it goes its hardly ever working for me… I open the pack take the slice or two and after few unsuccessful attempts of resealing the packet, I just take the content and move it into a size appropriate container, to keep it fresh for longer.

I seem to always run out of food containers… maybe because of my slight OCD when it comes to segregation… I do not like it when certain things get mixed up… so they all need to be in their own separate little box 🙂

Addis Clip & Close Food Containers

I received a lovely selection of Addis Clip & Close food containers and I must admit they do work much better than your standard food storage boxes with flat lids which you just push down. Clip & Close boxes are so much more secure, really there is no escape once you have placed something in it. Believe me there is nothing coming out of them once they are closed 😉

Addis offers an awesome selection of food containers. You can pick from small, round, rectangular, or square; they can hold liquids or dry foods (this one is specially designed with cereals in mind); size wise your choice ranges from 180ml going all the way up to 8.3l. The prices range from £1.99 for a small one up to £11.99 for the giant 8.3l one.

Addis Clip & Close Food Containers BPA FREE

All Addis Clip & Close containers are 100% airtight thanks to an all around silicone seal and 4 clips on the lid. They are all dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe and BPA Free, which is a huge plus in my eyes. The scientists are still working to determine if BPA is or isn’t safe, and if it is at which dosage but until this verdict is out I prefer my plastics to be BPA free… just in case.

Addis Clip and Close Food Containers

Food containers are a must have in every kitchen and it is important to invest in good quality boxes, after all these containers “look after” your food. I like to believe that the better the container the longer my food will stay fresh and sexy.

Do you find yourself running out of food containers all the time or is it just me?


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20 responses to “Kitchen Storage Solution – Addis Clip & Close Food Containers

  1. Amy

    I hate kitchens which are really cluttered and so I think these little storage boxes are adorable! I’ll definitely be having a look at these.

  2. I love storage boxes for the kitchen. These look great. I have to get some more because I’ve used most of mine to store the kids’ stationary and pencils.

  3. I love these kinds of storage tubs – I’d have everything in them if I could!

  4. I love that they are BPA free, as we carry a cancer gene this is really important for me and my boys

  5. I love these storage tubs. I’m a big fan they’re so useful.

  6. i have few containers myself and find them useful at times, im also obsessed with putting things in a box

  7. We have some of these, they are fab, I prefer containers that clip x

  8. I love a good storage container! Have a fridge full.

  9. BPA free is the selling point for me. Must take a look at these.

  10. I have hundreds of containers likes these, I love an organised kitchen!

  11. You are so right, these look great for keeping food well

  12. These look great, I really do need some kitchen storage! x

  13. Packets of ham are my bugbear – the fact that the resealable film never tears properly in the first place annoys me the most!! I do love a storage container!

  14. I always have loads of containers and no lids, or no containers and lids everywhere! These look great, might have to treat myself!

  15. We LOVE clip and close containers – I’d never buy any other kind now, and it sure beats having a mish-mash of different ice-cream and deli containers taking over the cupboard.

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