Infographic – Manuka Honey – How to buy a real deal

Following on from my last year post about Manuka honey, that many of you seem to love, I came across this wonderful infographic from GreenBay that I wanted to share with you. It gives a no nonsense outline of what officially makes a honey a Manuka honey.

Educate yourselves so you don’t fall prey to the cynical marketing companies approach that if the jar of honey passed a Manuka plant on the way to the shops it must be a Manuka honey!

It is not cheap, so if you’re going to spend your life savings to buy a pot and reap the benefits of the medicinal properties of this glorious honey then make sure you are getting the authentic article.



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9 responses to “Infographic – Manuka Honey – How to buy a real deal

  1. one of the more interesting infographics I have ever seen, got to love honey!

  2. Never really been a lover of honey but since trying out new things and experimenting in the kitchen this is very interesting and would love to read more!

  3. Mellissa Williams

    My husbands gran used to swear by Manuka honey and she lived to be 100. I never realised there was a market in people selling it when it was not authentic. Thanks for the information, very useful!

  4. Manuka honey is wonderful. I’ve heard so many people rave about it’s fabulous qualities and my kids adore it. Aldi do a great deal on it!

  5. I’d never heard of it but after just doing some research it sounds like wonderful stuff.

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