Who / What Am I? 13/06

Evening everyone,

How are you all doing?

Are we all glued to the TV watching footie? Or is it maybe not really your cup of tea?

I personally do not get what all this fuss is about… watching sweaty man chasing a ball for 90 minutes… it is amusing at times but I am not fussed… I think there are more productive things I can be doing with my time… but if you are a fan… fill your boots and watch away! Go! Go England!

(“typical female response” – mumbled Mark)

The picture last week was tricky I must admit. I was very chuffed when I took that shot. It does look fishy even to me but it has nothing to do with fish… or maybe a little tenuous link… as it is also in water. The shot is of that lava lamp, you know the one I was telling you about that I didn’t want in the house. Have a look for yourselves.

Who What Am I answer to 6 06

It is funny actually as for years I refused to have a lava lamp in the house, but now that Mark has had a retro nostalgic moment and got one I have started to like it… a bit. It is fascinating to watch; all those shapes, which change constantly. I am considering setting a camera up close to it for constant shooting; it might give some amazing pictures. What do you think – good idea or not so much?

As for this week picture challenge I have the following shot for you to scratch your heads over.

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 13 06

Oh, btw the BBQ last week was a roaring success. Thank you for all good luck wishes, they helped. I have tons of mouth-watering pictures to share with you… all I need now is to sit down and type up some recipe to go with them… but for now… have fun over the weekend.

Take care and stay safe!

After all it is Friday 13th.


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8 responses to “Who / What Am I? 13/06

  1. Elephant. I am not a football fan either.

  2. I really am no good at things like this! I do love lava lamps, though, I used to have a glitter one (wonder if it’s still hidden away somewhere!)

  3. I think it looks like skin of some sort but really not sure!

  4. Looks like my mummy’s feet LOL

  5. I thought elephant too or some sort of nut

  6. Muslim Mummy

    Agree with you on the footy!
    Oh I had a lava lamp at uni…its at my parents house now!!

    Is the pic a leaf?

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