Let your dog sniff

When you take your dog for a walk, let him sniff.

Smell is the most important sense for dogs, as important as sight is to humans.
Use this to your advantage when you take your dog for a walk. Let him really discover and explore his world by sniffing. This will not only make his walk much more enjoyable but will also help tire him out. Sniffing is an easy to do mental enrichment exercise for dogs.

Let your dog sniff

As seen on Yaletown Dog Training


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8 responses to “Let your dog sniff

  1. Interesting piece. Often I see owners dragging their poor dogs while they try to sniff x

  2. we only drag easy away when he sniffs on poo :o) it’s probably like reading the news :o)

  3. Stella loves finding new sniffs, shame they’re not always pleasant ones!

  4. When I was younger our dogs would sniff everything. I used to find it so funny

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