Top Collar – Perfecting Perfection

Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of trying the ‘Sunday Roast Natural Pet Treats’ from Top Collar, now they are back. Same tasty treats but in perfected packaging.

Last time round we couldn’t fault them in any way. They were perfect in our opinion, but apparently we were wrong. The owner of Top Collar thought that the treats could be so much more, so they got a make-over.

The recipe for the treats is still the same but the packaging is not.

Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats - new packaging

They still come in a flat cardboard box which will fit through the letter box, but instead of loose cookies inside, now they are placed in a re-sealable bag to keep them fresh for longer.

Top Collar Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

This change is brilliant.

First time round when our cookies arrived, after opening the box we placed them in a cookie jar; now there is no need for it. They can stay in the bag until they are all gone.

Lilly and Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Our dogs really enjoy them. Even Barnie got to try them and he seems to be a new fan.

Barnie and Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Top Collar is running a subscription program – Join ‘The Pack’. For £8.99 a month you will receive two surprise boxes of these lovely healthy treats delivered to your door through the post. To make the offer even more appealing you can personalise your boxes – just tell Top Collar about your pet dietary requirements and they will match it up to assure a perfect choice every time. But this isn’t all – currently you can receive a free box of treats! Yes, you are reading it right – free treats for your pooch (offer is valid if you join the pack and subscribe for monthly delivery). Just follow the simple instructions on the Free Box tab and soon your four legged friends will be able to enjoy these lovely treats absolutely free.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and join the pack!

Give cookie!

Give cookie!

* Product was provided free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .


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18 responses to “Top Collar – Perfecting Perfection

  1. Gorgeous doggies! I don’t have a dog but those sound doggy delicious!

  2. Aw, adorable! My housemates sisters have two tiny dogs and they would go mental for these!

    Corinne x

  3. Sophie

    Come Tuesday you get a completely FREE bag when you join 🙂
    Use code TC 0001
    Thank you for the review!

    Top Collar


  4. I like this kind of cookies, they look like “home made” :o) At last all 3 guys enjoyed them…. bet Bunk could eat the whole package in one piece :o)

  5. they look good enough to eat! i’d be tempted to have a bite haha.

  6. ooo I need to get my dog some of these, I’ve spoilt her today x

  7. It’s funny to see that they always smell it first t make sure that they’re okay. MY dogs would probably like these too!

  8. Sharon Phillips

    I really enjoy seeing my pets get enjoyment out of their treats. These sound like something they would like. They look really good. Think they would enjoy trying these.

  9. These look lovely. We’d like a dog one day and these will be top of our list for treats.

  10. Ooh I think ‘It’ would LOVE nothing more than a roast dinner flavoured snack 🙂

  11. my dog would have loved these. Dogalicious! x

  12. Awe! That is so sweet that the dogs get their own special treat too. 🙂 Glad the your dogs love them. I miss having dogs at home.

  13. I’m heading over to check their website!

  14. These look great! My doggy would love these.

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