Alphabet Project | J is for Jungle

A jungle is land covered with dense vegetation.

or at one time a nick-name for our garden 😉

This picture was taken a few months ago when there was a lot of rain in the UK and cutting the lawn with an electric lawnmower really wasn’t an option… but once the sun came out and with some help from Easy Shed we were able to get it under control yet again…

Alphabet Project  J is for Jungle

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16 responses to “Alphabet Project | J is for Jungle

  1. Ha ha! That grass does look long and jungle like! Ours is looking dead with the lack of rain. You can guarantee that with the holidays approaching all that will change!!

  2. Ha! That’s a great ‘jungle’ photo..our yard is starting to look like that too 🙂

  3. Ooohhh those grass are wild =) #alphabetphoto

  4. Yes, definitely looks like a jungle. Glad you have it under control now.

  5. Haha a jungle is a good way to have described our garden when we got it, Glad you have been able to sort yours out.

  6. Yup I have a jungle in my garden too!

  7. Great photo! I wonder if there’s any elephants in there!

  8. I’ve had garden jungles like that too! They take a bit of sorting out

  9. Oh dear, it’s awful when you can’t get out and cut the grass due to wet weather.

  10. Our garden is ordinarily a jungle but it’s stayed short since the last time I mowed it weeks ago. Tis very odd but I am enjoying not having a jungle. Long may it last x

  11. Would remind my tot of the book “we’re going on a bear hunt” ” swishy swishy, swishy swishy” 🙂

  12. It always amazes me how quickly our grass grows #alphabetphoto

  13. There is one section in our garden that we have left like a jungle that really needs addressing! I think Tarzan may be hiding in there somewhere x

  14. Glad you managed to wrestle the garden into submission before the sunshine came. Makes it so worthwhile when you can sit and enjoy it! Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  15. Glad you managed to cut the grass 🙂 very hard work when it gets long! I have commented again as not sure you got my last one.


  16. Hehe im so not green fingered. If it wasn’t for my OH my garden would look like this everywhere!! lol x

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